Wireless Containment Technology Leads Securus Network

Securus Offers Competitive Rates & Quality Service


Securus Technologies has long since been the long standing inmate telecommunications provider that reigns in North America with a global partnership network. T ear team of professionals were able to answer to the strict guidelines mandated by the state Public Utility commission. They were able to create an advanced technological solutions to inmate calls that continues to lead the network. Securus offers affordable rates unmatched by competitor networks. You have the option of choosing from descriptive tab features listed on their website or through their customer support 800 number.


Securus Technologies Technologies Exclusive Team


Rick A. Pickens, professional business partner and Securus CEO. spoke candidly with Business Wire online about the anticipated Securus growth strategies. Their mission continues to be putting the needs of their customers first by offering personalized calling services for inmates and their families. Their CEO has made it possible for their customers to take part in their crime prevention feedback forum confidentially online or by phone. Securus finds it a priority to keep the general public safe by using their popular surveillance and monitoring technology. Securus has constructed an inmate calling platform that stands next to none.


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment


Wireless containment has saved the correctional facility mounds of paperwork and allowed them to focus on the safety and other functions of operating the facility. It stops the use of cellphones by inmates by remotely prohibiting the signal. Securus can set-up the technology and won’t have to add additional manpower to the facility. The technology will be remotely accessed.outside of the facility by Securus personnel. If you work for an institution, you will still be able to use your phone unless otherwise instructed by the facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Kiosk Access

Kiosk access in a correctional facility operates in the same manner as an outside machine. Inmates have access to their commissary account or funds 24 hours a day. They have the opportunity to use modern technology being used outside the facility. Inmates are issued a state is card to use this function.


Food Packaging Services

Get access to the top food brands in the industry with the Securus food packaging services feature. Family members and friends can send care packages and have them sent to a specific inmate and facility. Their packaging service feature is processed by the industry’s best food packaging specialist and isn’t available at every facility.


Go directly to the Securus website to learn more about their unique features. Thousands of customers have decided to make the switch and have chose their network 5 to 1 over other provider networks.