Why the Title the ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ Best Suits Kamil Idris

Sustainable development is paramount in the field of science and technology. This has necessitated the World Association for Sustainable Development to bring together experts from different fields to deliberate on ways science and technology can be managed sustainably. The organized meeting focused on helping the students, countries, and experts to exchange ideas. This is done through conferences and seminars. The information collected is printed in books and journals, and it’s also distributed globally. Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese national that is at the center of all this.


The infinite knowledge that he has acquired over the years makes him most suitable for his current position. Professor Kamil Idris is the president of World Association for Sustainable Development. He has a Law degree from Khartoum University. Also, he has a degree in Arts from Cairo University in Egypt. His hunger for knowledge saw him pursue a master’s degree in International Law and affairs in Ohio University, America. To ensure he was best suited for his mission in this field, Kamil studied harder and earned a Ph.D. in International Law from Geneva in Switzerland.

He is a scholar of exemplary reputation who has been honored with 19 honorary degrees from various universities worldwide. He has worked at the U.N International Law Commission, and also at International Union whose main mandate is to protect the new variety plants. In 1982, he joined the World Intellectual Property Organization. His hard work and persistence saw him rise through the ranks to become the director. He served in this position for over a decade. He made a huge impact as the director, and he is well known and remembered for this.


Professor Kamil Idris emphasized the importance of the organization. In a speech he gave during WIPO’s 8th anniversary, he cited the importance of protecting the intellectual property. He is a man who knows that protecting and appreciating the innovations of other people is the best way to go. The time such people have dedicated to conducting research should not go unnoticed. He attributed the development of humanity from cave era to printing of books to innovators and inventors. His task is to safeguard the plant varieties, innovations, and help sustain the world. His passion is to guard the galaxy.