Todd Levine: A Brief Rendition of His Talented Life and Career

Todd Levine seems to be a jack of all trades but master of one. With the help of some mentors in his corner, he has maintained a lengthy law career of 27 years. However, that is not all that Todd Levine would like to be recognized for. Todd credits a few other talents of his for helping him become the successful litigator that he is today.


Todd Levine has been steady into being an artist in several different respects of what the word artist defines. He has played the guitar since he was the age of ten. He has maintained the joy for that and expanded it into a little bit of bass guitar and dabbles in playing the keyboard. He loves to draw and has a strong fondness for math and science. All these different realms of his inclinations, in which he enjoys, have given him, to his own credit, a sharp mind in the field of litigation.


Furthermore, Todd Levine is one of the founding partners at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. This litigation-only firm is based in Miami, Florida. They also have offices in Boca Raton, Florida, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Todd Levine along with his partners started their firm in 2009 with 17 attorneys and has grown substantially, employing now, 30 lawyers in all. This firm also practices family law, which includes non-litigation as well as their specialty of litigation cases.


The firm has bragging rights as to some of their clients that they have represented such as the famous major league baseball star, Alex Rodriguez.


Todd has also joined ranks with his partners Kaplan and Kluger to represent Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez in a famous case of balancing the budget with proceeds from a sale of land that had not been purchased yet instead of keeping up with the budget with already proposed funds. The judge, in this case, ordered Lopez to balance with what budget funds that were already available. Todd Levine and his team filed an appeal to this decision.


In conclusion, Todd Levine has filled his life with many different focuses professionally and non-professional. He has had mentors in all aspects of his journey in which he gives credit to for helping him maintain a focus and a candor for all things that he loves and contributes his time to.