The Wild Stuff that “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Does

The actor Sean Penn recently released his debut novel. The novel is the peculiarly and aptly titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. The book is something that is filled with satirical commentary on modern political and social issues. The way it is presented is off kilter. You’ll have to read this one slowly to really grasp it all. The book uses ranting, poetry, and descriptive words rarely used in typical books. You’ll need to read it with a dictionary app on hand to keep on top of what some of the words mean. The book is deliberately written in a way that leaves you on edge with what it’s saying and how it is phrased. Maybe the point is that society of today makes people on edge and confused sometimes by what things mean, so the book is worded this way to throw people off balance as a mirror to it all.


Originally Penn wrote this book as a much shorter audio book that he narrated. He decided to revisit the concept and add more of the current sociopolitical climate into it in a humorously disturbing manner. The book references the president. Penn stated in an interview with Marc Maron that he started to really worry about the country during the 2016 presidential election. There are references to El Chapo as well within the book. Penn based the character Fletcher on the drug lord. The main character though of the book is clearly from the title Bob Honey. Bob Honey is an antisocial divorced man. He works for the government as a part time assassin. Bob Honey lives in a dystopian world. Penn throws a lot of conspiracy theories around in the text. The book deals with various issues in a satirical way. The #MeToo movement, violence, gun violence, mental health crisis, environment issues, internet rights, and disaster relief. Bob Honey does and says a lot of wild stuff in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.