The Strategic Partnership of Talkspace and Michael Phelp

Illnesses cause discomfort and thus the reason everyone finds the necessary medical attention whenever they fall sick or fell some weakness. Michael Phelps is in the public image as a veteran and champion swimmer. He is now in partnership with Talkspace which is an online therapy provider for the national TV advertisement addressing the stigma connected to mental illnesses.

Talkspace embraces technology by connecting licensed therapists to the users so that they can be accessible over smartphone, computer, or tablet. Through his anxiety and depression story, he has the focus of encouraging the rest to find help. Apart from being the spokesman of Talkspace, he is set to join the firm’s panel of advisers to facilitate the direction of the firm’s progressive strategy.

Michael’s commitment and in-depth knowledge connected to the advocacy of mental health alongside data-driven advancements within the field are significant as the company is determined towards making Talkspace an essential portion of the way people administers their psychological health.

For some time, mental wellbeing has turned out to be a key topic in relation public conversations varying from the demand of healthcare access socialised, possibly connected to the mass shootings as well as the effect of the way social media is utilised. Misconceptions and stigmas are still in place despite mental illness turning out to be more common. The primary content of Talkspace is that everyone is prone to depression. Despite being among the globally most prosperous athletes, Michael Phelps lost his entire hope. Read more articles about Talkspace at USA Today

With regards to his TV spot, Michael acknowledges that it took him five days contemplating death in his room and the refuge to his life came in line with his resolution about seeking therapy. May remains the month of Mental Health Awareness, and the release of the spot happened just before the month ended. Different brands have utilised cause marketing in spreading the awareness connected to mental health matters and encouraging the consumers to seek assistance whenever necessary.

Recently, Instagram began the #HereForYou campaign highlighting the users who have set mental health societies within the platform. The video outlines three users that share their stress and struggles. It also implies the significance of getting support.

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