The Passionate Doctor Avi Weisfogel

Doctor Avi Weisfogel has contributed immensely in the health sector by using dentistry, an area he has specialized in to treat Apnea. Apnea is a condition where an individual develops difficulties in breathing while sleeping. The pauses usually last up to one minute and an individual might choke up while awake to recover from the condition. This occurs when the individual starts breathing again.

The condition should be treated because it causes an individual to have mood swings while awake and the condition also denies one a good sleep. Most people suffer from apnea but the condition is rampant among overweight people. The excessive tissues of fat in their bodies hinder the free circulation of air causing this condition among them.

Individuals who suffer from apnea are advised to seek medical condition to treat the disease.Doctor Weisfogel has been able to treat the condition using dentistry. The doctor was dedicated in each and every activity he interacted in.Doctor Avi studied biology and Psychology from the prestigious Rutgers University. Weisfogel received his DDS from NYU.

The doctor has faced many challenges as a result of the mission of helping patients who have suffered from this disorder. Other physicians have been reluctant in performing sleep tests on patients with the above condition. The individual physicians who did the tests were biased in their results.

According to doctor Avi’s plan, he was required to travel worldwide so that he could come up with a solution facing the predicament. A new strategy had to be built to come up with an efficient way of addressing the disease.Doctor Avi was successful in founding the unlimited sleep patients in the year 2012.

The platform was really helpful as dentists and sleep experts came together to share their experiences concerning the disorder. The doctor also utilized the platform to hold lectures with stakeholders on the different models that entailed dentistry and general medicine as a discipline.

Plans and methods of getting rid of the disease were employed by the doctor. Dr. Weisfogel launched the dental sleep master’s program which had the purpose of making appliances that could be of need for individuals suffering from the disorder. Therapy that was applied orally was used in the process.