Ted Bauman Has Worked Hard To Build Up His Trusted Reputation:

Ted Bauman is a respected investment and financial industry professional who has a reputation as being the go-to individual that average investors can turn to when they want to know how to safely invest their money in order to solidify financial futures. Born in the U.S., Ted later uprooted himself and headed to South Africa and gained his qualification in the field of economics. The 1990s and into the 2000s were an exciting and busy time for Ted Bauman as he worked with goverments in both Europe and Africa in a consultant role. Ted was able to develop a unique level of insight in terms of the ways that economic and political factors work together in the makeup of different societies across the globe. Ted Bauman has put his economic prowess on display in many publications within well-respected journals. Journals that Ted has published in include the Environment and Urbanization and the Journal of Microfinance. 2008 saw Ted make his return to his native United States where he went to work for one of the largest nonprofits in the region of Atlanta, Georgia.

2013 saw Ted Bauman become a member of the Banyan Hill team as he first came on in the role of editor on a part-time basis. Today, Ted is a key figure at Banyan Hill Publishing and is well-known and respected for his work on The Bauman Letter. This is an important monthly publication that provides valuable information about wealth preservation that average investors can take advantage of.

On the topic of wealth preservation and security, Ted Bauman loves providing his readers with information on how they can protect themselves from the next major crash in the market. He advocates that investors should view things from a lens of a trio of types of awareness. The first thing he reminds readers is the fact that big crashes in the market tend to be followed by leaps in the upward direction of things. Ted also encourages readers to cultivate a viewpoint that is in balance and to look for interest rates that increase in a long-term pattern. These types of key advice points are the reason that readers have come to trust Ted’s advice over the years.

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