Sunday Riley Talks Social Media And How She Got Her Unique Name

The many fans of Sunday Riley are excited about trying her new foundation line and even more excited to hear about some of the possibilities for the future of her beauty products brand. In a recent interview, she stated that the future of her company may even include some hair care products. She loves working with hair and that includes with scalp health. There may be some big possibilities coming up soon in scalp and hair care from the popular brand.

A lot of people ask Sunday Riley about her name. Some people even think that she may have had it changed at some point to make it sound more marketable. In reality, her name was given to her by her father. Her parents were living in Austin, Texas during the era of hippies and he decided one day to name her Sunday. On a business note, he had the foresight to give her a name that he thought would do her well if she ever went into business in the future.

Sunday Riley herself is excited about the release of her new foundation line. She had tried the makeup thing before back in 2011 but didn’t have a good way to market it before social media. While this line included 12 different shades of foundation, her new line consists of more than 20 different unique shades to fit a wide array of different customers. She stated that this foundation line was something that she did as a labor of love. She really wanted to do it right and make sure that what she was doing felt genuine to her fans.

When people started talking about her Good Genes product, Sunday Riley stated that she saw an increase in sales. People were hearing social media influencers talking about it and wanted to see what it was all about. Word of mouth spread quickly about it as more and more people published rave reviews from customers all around the world. The Texan native is excited about the capabilities that social media has to offer different brands and thinks it will continue to open up opportunities in the future.