Dr. Saad Saad, MD a doctor located in Eatontown, New Jersey, specializes in thoracic and pediatric surgery. He is linked to numerous hospitals in the United State among them being the Medical Centre of Monmouth and University of Jersey Shore medical centre. Dr. Saad has practiced medicine and surgery for over 32 years since when he received his degree from University of Cairo College of Medicine.

For the years he has been in the medicine and surgery field, Dr. Saad has been on the lookout for developing new and modern methods and measures that can be applied in treating his patients through a less painful way. With success he has invented two devices that can be used in surgery and in addition numerous surgical procedures that are aimed at making the surgeons work easier with relieving stress to the patient.

One of his inventions that he and other surgeons have used in many operations is a device that is used to advance the use of an endoscope in surgeries. An endoscope is a device that is used in surgeries and examinations to view and observe the inside of a human body. The nature of a human body is that it constantly produces liquids that circulate in all body parts. When using an endoscope, at times it gets clogged by the liquids and thus needs constant adjustment for the doctor to have a clear view of what he/she is observing. The device invented by Dr. Saad is used as a suction irrigation device. The device sucks away the liquid that causes the clogging of the endoscope giving the doctor a clear view.

Besides the endoscopy device, Dr. Saad has invented another device that is used to locate a catheter in a patient’s body. Catheter tubes are used to aid surgical procedures and even treat some medical conditions by being inserted in the body. Depending on catheter type, these instruments are used in draining fluids and gases, accessing surgical instruments among other uses. Doctors need to perform an MRI scan or X-ray in order to locate a catheter in the body. When a body is frequently exposed to the X-rays it becomes more vulnerable to sickness due to the radiations hence doctors try to avoid these process at all cost. Although MRI procedure causes no harm to the patients, its machines are so large for portability making it an unachievable option. Learn more:

Dr Saad device, though not yet put into use because of it complicated procedures during manufacturing, locates the catheter using the electromagnetism principle. The device has no harm to the human body and also is a good fit for the doctors due to its size.