Sightsavers & How To Effectively Treat Trachoma

Trachomais one of the most disheartening diseases on earth today, and it has been this way for quite some time. This painful irritation of the eye effect millions of people on a global scale, but the nation of Ghana sits at the pinnacle. Underprivileged communities that have a lack of proper sanitation tends to accumulate higher amounts of trachoma cases. In addition to that, children and women are more at risk, especially when being compared to men. One of the best efforts to fight this painful disease comes from Sightsavers. This philanthropic organization has a long history of providing medical assistance around the globe.

Sightsavers has a team of extraordinary clinicians, and these clinicians have been thoroughly trained in a wide variety of eye-health issues. The organization also partners with many outside contributors. These outside contributors has provided funding, has provided medications and has provided support throughout the decades. As of 2018,trachoma has been totally eliminated from the Ghanaian landscape. That’s right! This infectious disease has been progressively wiped-out. As validated by the World Health Organization, Ghana is 100 percent-free of this debilitating disease. This is bigtime news since more than 2.8 million people of the region was reported to having trachoma. Sightsavers’ mission has come full-circle to a degree. The organization has been entrenched in Ghana for the past 18 years. Trachoma can definitely cause blindness if left untreated, but the disease is totally treatable if it’s caught in time.

This United Kingdom-based organization has branches all across the world in Sweden, in Italy, in Norway and in India. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive-thinking organization than this. Sightsavers’ name is the very definition of what it truly stands for and that’s a guaranteed fact.