Should you use Wen by Chaz Dean?

What is wen? Should I use wen? How does wen work? Is it affordable? These are questions that I’m pretty sure go through your head when you consider buying wen or when you causally search on crunchbase and spot this product. Wen is a collection of hair cleansing conditioners created by Chaz Dean that were designed to make the process of doing your hair easier, faster and help combat the effects of hair products that you used in the past that contained harmful ingredients. Wen hair care product also helps soften the texture of your hair and claims not to use any harsh ingredients that cause breakage or dryness. Chaz says that wen has cruelty free, natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, fig, sweet almond mint and Cucumber Aloe and it’s suitable for all hair types. Wen is a recommended product for you if you have the budget for pricey products, you have time and patience to try new things and you can follow the no poo cleansing routine. Wen is not recommended if you are on a tight budget and you want something that acts fast and you are inpatient. Did you try out wen yet? Do you know anybody who has experience with wen? Tell us down in the comments below.


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