Securus Technologies Provides The Answers to the End of the Issue

Securus Technologies provides communications services to inmates and their families in over 2,200 correctional institutions as well as communications for another 1,200 law enforcement agencies and safety organizations all over North America. Securus currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and their families.


Over the past 40 years there have been many studies conducted that have pointed out that prisoners who have regular contact with meaningful people have a better time of it when they are released from prison. They are much less likely to be re-arrested and are more likely to get a job and settle down due to their exposure to a “normal” lifestyle as they communicate with family on the outside of prison.


Phone services such as pay in advance, regular monthly pay, reverse charges, and inmate pay is choices that the inmates and their families can choose from. They can also utilize inmate voicemail, email, and a money transfer feature. The video conferencing feature is a very popular facet of the program that both inmates and families love. It enables them to visit while being able to have visual contact with each other. It is just like being together and it saves the family travel time and inconvenience.


Securus also has enterprise communications systems for law enforcement and safety organizations that help communities and cities acquire, store, and distribute critical information in time to make available to all necessary parties in times of emergency for the overall safety of the public. Securus is a very reliable company to install, instruct, and maintain these systems for the benefit of everyone involved.


The use of the Securus Technology communications in all phases makes it easier for inmates, correctional employees, and family members to stay in touch with each other as often as is needed. The life of an incarcerated person is more meaningful as they have something to look forward to when they are released.