Jeunesse Products for Clients

Millions of people want to improve their health. Purchasing products from Jeunesse is a proven way for customers to improve their health and appearance. Jeunesse offers various products that can help a person look and feel younger.


Naara is a product line that features a supplement to improve the appearance of skin. Many females feel like they look older than they are. The Naara products contain a unique blend of collagen and other supplements. In a four week trial, users noted that their skin appearance improved after using these products.


RVL is a group of shampoo products that are both affordable and easy to use. Some shampoo products from other companies contain harmful ingredients. Jeunesse only uses natural ingredients when making shampoo products.

Users will notice an improvement in their hair within a few weeks of use. There are multiple RVL products that clients can choose from. Improving a person’s hair is one of the best ways to boost self-confidence.

Zen Bodi

Stress is a significant health problem for millions of people. Few people understand all of the health implications of always being stressed. The Zen Bodi products from Jeunesse are an excellent way to reduce stress levels. These products contain ingredients that are proven to reduce stress levels.

Not only do these supplements taste great, but the supplements also start working immediately. Some people use the products as soon as they wake up in the morning. Others prefer to use the products before going to sleep at night. These products can also help customers reduce body fat by lowering stress levels. Multiple health studies indicate that stress can result in higher body fat.


Neevo is one of the most popular product lines offered by Jeunesse. The Neevo products are energy drinks with healthy ingredients. Typical energy drinks contain way too much sugar and caffeine. Although these energy drinks are useful, the vast majority of users experience a severe energy crash after a few hours.

Neurocore Milestone in Modern Medicine

The brain is the most complex organ in a human body and studies have been done over the years to try and understand how it functions. It is made up of neurons which use chemical signals to regulate the electrical activities of the brain. The many neurons make it possible for one to process complex information, feel and think, in turn, this affects the behavior, emotion and perception of the individual. Scientists believe that these discoveries are just a tip of the ice burg cause the mind is full of mysteries that need to be uncovered. The use of modern techniques like EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping has given scientist a better chance to understand how the brain works.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center was founded in 2004, and it utilizes the EEG, qEEG (brain mapping) and neurofeedback to improve the mental sharpness and health. It provides services to both adults and children and has eight brain performance centers open to the public in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore offer brain training programs that utilize neurofeedback with heart rate variability (HRV). The result is an enhanced mind and body, and a better mind-body connection. Different franchises have discovered the benefit of using neurofeedback, and they have incorporated it into their training routine. The best example is the Trail Blazers, an NBA team that partnered with Neurocore to install a brain room. The brain room has facilities that will aid in improving players brain functioning and sharpness. Furthermore, it will also help them better manage their endovascular and respiratory systems leading to stress reduction and relaxation.

Neurocore also uses Neurotherapy (neurofeedback) to treat various mental disorders like ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and ASD which are common especially in the US. Detecting electrical measurement of the brain using EEQ, and obtaining results using qEEG, has enabled Neurocore to measure the brainwave. By measuring the brainwave, a technique has been developed to teach the brain to self-regulate it activities and eliminate or reduce the undesirable ones. A mental disorder like depression affects about 10.3 million adults in the US according to the recent research. Clinical depression is the worst kind since its episodes last longer. It can be treated successfully or reduce the duration of the episodes using neurofeedback technology. The neurofeedback treatment yields better results compared to the use of antidepressant medicines. Click here

InnovaCare excels under the leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Since the 1970s, Americans have been receiving Medicare benefits through private health plans. The services are offered in partnership with the government and involve each person getting a fixed payment for medical services. Instead of going through the original Medicare, many people are accessing Medicare benefits through HMOs and PPOs. Some of the benefits that are available include in-patient and out-patient medical services, skilled nursing services and medical supplies and equipment. The payment system has changed significantly. Instead of payments being made through the Medicare and Medicaid centers, they are now being made through the government.



A leading provider of managed care services in North America is InnovaCare Health Inc. this is a healthcare firm that has shown commitment and great attention to details when it comes to delivery of medical services. They are not taking chances with the delivery of services as it has happened with other organizations. To ensure that their clients are getting the best benefits of medicare advantage plans they have recruited highly qualified physicians and bought the most technologically advanced equipment. They have also come up with the most cost-effective models of offering services. InnovaCare Health is exploring the benefits offered by Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs as well as provider networks to facilitate the efficient delivery of health care services around the globe. InnovaCare Health Inc. is a facility that proves that quality health delivery is good is possible with proper planning. InnovaCare Health Inc. has managed to offer excellent services because it is led by a team of leaders who believe that they have what is needed to make it in the industry. For more details you can visit




CEO Rick Shinto leads the leadership of InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides, the CAO assist him. Through these two leaders, this facility has satisfied the clients and the government with the management of the managed care plans and programs. They offer services based on the customer-first approach. They also facilitate effective communication, innovative medical practices, highly qualified medical staff, and transparency. This facility believes that work ethic should not be an option but a requisite in running of a business.



Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are experienced in the management of healthcare services. The leadership of the company has a clear vision of the direction the company should take in the coming years. They are the strongest pillar in the company. They have made it possible for the company to accomplish better results than many of their competitors. For more info you can checkout


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Dallas Financial Institution Forms Key Alliances

In an effort to improve the community and help individuals enhance their quality of life, the organizations Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat for Humanity have merged to help provide home financing to a number of local residents. The two organizations will look to provide low income residents with more opportunities to easily purchase a home. One of the leading financial institutions in Dallas NexBank will provide assistance with this program. NexBank will offer $50 million to help provide mortgage loans to a number of residents seeking to buy a new home. With the assistance provided by NexBank, both Habitat for Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes will be in position to provide affordable housing to many people in the area.

Along with providing funds for home loans, NexBank will also provide coverage of closing costs and title fees. For every mortgage it issues, the bank will provide $2,000. As a result, prospective homeowners in the area will have an easier time covering the costs of buying a home. The alliance between NexBank, Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat for Humanity will work towards addressing one of the main issues of the Dallas Metro area. Today, Dallas has one of the lowest rates of homeownership in the nation. Therefore, this new program by Dallas Neighborhood Homes will help increase homeownership in the city and address this important issue of the community.

NexBank completed a key merger in 2015 with College Savings Bank. The financial institution acquired College Savings Bank in an effort to expand its college savings programs. The two financial institutions will have the means to reach out to more consumers and help them more easily finance college. Executives of NexBank are very pleased about this acquisition and believe that it will benefit both parties in the future. With this new merger, NexBank will be able to expand its products and services while College Savings Bank will have the means to work with a highly reputable financial institution in Texas. As a result, of this recent merger, consumers will be able to have more options available when it comes to saving up for future college educational expenses.

Matt Badiali: Author of Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badiali is the author of the Real Wealth Strategist and a senior-editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill is the new source of investment material for the average investors. The firm has brought a number of professionals together, who will guide and show Americans how to invest. It is never an easy thing to do, and it requires a commitment to learn and get the right people to learn from. Whereas we have people like Matt Badiali who are ready to share the knowledge they have with the people, other rogue persons have failed to invest and be profitable who cheat the average investor that they can help them create wealth.

Matt Badiali was in 2018 a prominent figure in the investment industry after he came up with the idea of freedom checks. This is an idea which caused controversy. Some people said the idea looked like a scam while the other section went to look for more information about the things he was saying. Those who took his advice about freedom checks seriously are today getting money from the companies they invested in. The problem with many people who doubted the idea is that they did not research the things he was saying. Many of them have lost on the opportunity because they were not patient enough to deal with the issues that were on hand.

Badiali is a qualified geologist. He has a masters degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has been to many countries around the world inspecting mining fields. He has also been around many mining companies looking for information that would help him get a better understanding of the mining industry. So, every time something is happening in the industry, Matt Badiali is always there looking for solutions and investment opportunities because he understands the whole industry in details.

Matt Badiali has been helpful to people who are looking for opportunities in the investment sector. He has helped many of them to create wealth through some brilliant investments such as the freedom checks. He inspires a generation that would like to become as successful as he is.

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Marc Beer, a Founder of Many Companies

Marc Beer co-founded a company specializing in the development of products related to female maladies and he is currently serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. But in order to develop products that are of importance to women who are suffering from maladies, there must be great monetary resources to put into research and development programs. To this end, Marc Beer raised $42 million from three healthcare investors, the New York-based Perspective Advisors, the Missouri-based Ascension Ventures, and the Longwood Fund. The raised funds will be allocated to developing and testing four new therapeutic and diagnostic products as well as to developing and testing a newer version of Leva, Renovia’s first product.

Renovia Inc. is the Boston-based company that Marc Beer co-founded for the express purpose of helping women better deal with their common female malady known as pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is one of the most common pelvic floor disorders, which by some accounts, affects 250 million women across the globe. Renovia’s attempt to develop products to help women deal with pelvic floor disorders has been met with some success. In April of this year, Renovia was successful in securing the FDA’s approval for its first product, Leva. Renovia’s purpose for existence is to provide a means to better diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders, as well as to improve the quality of life of the millions of women who are suffering from the symptoms of the various types of pelvic floor disorders.

Marc Beer has extensive experience in developing and commercializing biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics to the tune of over 25 years. Marc Beer attended the Miami University in Ohio and graduated therefrom with a degree. In addition to founding Renovia, Marc Beer also founded ViaCell, Good Start Genetics, Inc., and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. In April of 2000, Marc Beer founded ViaCell and served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. ViaCell is a biotech company that specializes in collecting, preserving, and developing umbilical cord blood stem cells. In 2005, ViaCell went public as a result of Marc’s leadership. Marc Beer also founded Good Start Genetics, Inc. and served as the company’s chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the compensation committee. Moreover, Marc Beer founded Minerva Neurosciences Inc. and served as the company’s chairman of the board, chairman of the compensation committee, and a member of the audit committee. Learn more:

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Win the Admiration of Many

Very many people are struggling to make a name in the business circles. It is a harsh world which requires a person who is shrewd and capable of making good deals. Sheldon Lavin is that person. He leads a global food company known as the OSI Group. The top position is very powerful and has helped him to shape the enterprise. He is a smart businessman who has assisted the firm to grow and expand its operations. As such, it has become more profitable under his watch. The firm has partnered with the giants of the food sector which is paying. Many clients of the OSI Group like it due to the high-quality products provided by the firm.

Additionally, the firm is innovative and capable of meeting the unique tastes of the various customers. These are some of the little things which other competitors are not capable of doing, but OSI Group is doing them correctly. It is through the charismatic leadership of this CEO and the cooperation from other members of staff that this firm has been able to achieve all this through its many years of operations. Sheldon Lavin oversees the numerous activities of the firm ranging global operations and ensuring that quality is met at all the time. Quality is a key selling factor by any firm.

Sheldon Lavin has grown together with OSI Group. He first assisted it in a finance deal to make it more effective. As such, the firm was in a position to evolve from Otto & Sons and become the highly successful firm it is today. For all this time, he has gained extensive experience in the sector of food processing. He employs this experience to direct the firm to its growth. Under his visionary leadership, OSI Group has been able to expand from the domestic borders to become a big player in the international food processing business.

Many people and reputable organizations have recognized the excellent work which has been done by Sheldon Lavin. He has been honored with multiple awards during his career. He has dedicated his life to ensuring that people have access to high-quality foods. Additionally, he plays a leading role in improving the welfare of many people across the world. He received the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. It was an appreciation for the hard work and commitment to the Chicago business community. His activities have made Chicago a name in addition to creating many job opportunities for the locals.

Sightsavers Participates in the Integration of Deworming Programs into Neglected Tropical Diseases Programs

Disability like most diseases can be prevented. Sightsavers is a UK based charity organization that focuses on preventing avoidable blindness around the world. This charity organization achieves this by supporting multiple programs that help in the treatment and prevention of disease that cause blindness. Sightsavers specifically focuses on the treatment and prevention of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) such as the soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) and schistosomiasis. In the recent years, Sightsavers have been focusing on integrating deworming programs in developing countries.


Integrated NTDs programs


Sightsavers supports various community and school-based NTDs programs in Africa. Recently, Sightsavers have added deworming components in their established NTDs programs that focus on mass drug administrations (MDAs). These deworming initiatives involve administration of deworming pills to children within regions that meet the World Health Organization’s defined policy of minimum prevalence thresholds for mass drug administration with deworming pills.


Unlike other charity organizations, Sightsavers supports both community-based and school-based mass drug administrations. In community-based scenarios, a trained community drug distributor goes from one household to another to distribute treatment for a given period of time. In school-based cases, trained teachers provide the medications to the pupils. Sightsavers take various aspects into consideration before providing support to a new deworming program. These considerations include the intensity and prevalence of STH and schistosomiasis in the selected area; the feasibility of the program in regards to Sightsavers’ resources and capacity; and the availability of funds for the proposed deworming component.


Currently, Sightsavers supports deworming programs in six African countries. This organization was started in 1950. However, it started focusing on deworming programs in 2011 through integrated NTDs programs. The main focus of this charity organization is on the diseases that are treatable through mass drug administrations such as lymphatic filariasis, trachoma, onchocerciasis, soil-transmitted helminthiasis, and schistosomiasis.


Elimination of trachoma


Sightsavers share some of their achievements in fighting NTDs through their Facebook page. In a video titled, ‘Before the surgery, I couldn’t walk’, Sightsavers provide a testimonial of a patient by the name Rahinatu from Ghana, who has been treated with trachoma. Before the surgery, Rahinatu couldn’t walk, do her activities of daily living, or go outside. Thanks to Sightsavers initiative, Ghana became the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate trachoma in June 2018.

Gareth Henry is a Tireless Crusader for the LGBTQ Community

It’s not often that you get a second chance in life, but that is just what happened to Jamaican LGBTQ activist Gareth Henry. The outspoken refugee who happens to be gay is spending all his spare time tirelessly fighting for the freedom of LGBTQ people in Jamaica and everywhere he goes. Nearly half of the world’s countries still criminalize same-sex partnerships.

Now living in Toronto, Gareth Henry is a vocal crusader for unjust violence against gay people. He used to regularly help people report hate crimes against gay people to the police. Many of his friends have been killed in homophobic assaults. Violence against the gay community is so common that people are used to it and shrug it off like it’s nothing.

“With all these things happening, they go unnoticed, they go unheard, because the violence against the gay community has been normalized,” Henry told NBC Out.

In fact, Gareth Henry is so outspoken that his crusade for change spurred the police to take aim at him. In 2007 he was beaten up by a bunch of policemen for the third and final time. He filed to become a refugee soon after that and escaped to Canada the next year.

Canada offered Gareth a new life and he soon started working at the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. He also donates his time to Rainbow Railroad, a nonprofit organization in Canada that helps relocate LGBTQ who are in the same situation that Gareth was in not so long ago.

In the year 2016 alone Gareth Henry helped relocate 60 refugees to new countries. He said that migrating to a new place is an important first step. It is literally a necessary first step to save people from being killed in their homeland. The next step is to reverse the hate culture that is aimed towards the LGBTQ community. Eventually, Henry’s family also migrated to Canada, because they were being persecuted in Jamaica for supporting Henry and they feared for their lives on a daily basis.

Gareth Henry is an inspirational crusader for the LGBTQ community and devotes his life to giving people a second chance at life.

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Freedom Checks Get Regular Dividends from MLPs Through Matt Badialis Investment Strategy

Investing in the companies that are known to provide regular dividends is always a good idea. It helps you add up to your income and gives you the financial anchor you need during a sluggish financial market. If you want to make sure that you continue to get good returns in the long term from your investments, you have to learn from the investment experts. Taking the help of the investment experts would ensure that you can invest smartly and with a plan that would provide you a financial cushion in the future. One such financial expert that has helped hundreds and thousands of people develop a sound economic strategy is Matt Badiali, a renowned financial expert as well as a professional geologist. He has also worked as a professor in the past at the University of North Carolina.

One of the investment strategies by Matt Badiali that has been making news recently is his strategy through which he assures that people can get regular income. He has advertised his investment strategy by popularizing the fact that people can get Freedom Checks that are nothing but dividends from MLP companies. There are over five hundred MLPs out there, and after extensive research over the years, Matt Badiali has been able to identify some of these companies that he believes are highly profitable and would continue to grow in the future. Matt Badiali thinks that investing in these companies would be highly beneficial and help the people get the regular income in the form of Freedom Checks they can lean on in the future, especially during the volatile financial market.

Matt Badiali worked for many prominent financial and energy companies in the past. It gave him the much-needed exposure and experience required to devise a result oriented economic strategy that people can follow and achieve financial goals. Getting Freedom Checks is not difficult if you follow what Matt Badiali has to say. You can be sure that with time, you would be able to generate sufficient income through Freedom Checks that would help you during your retirement. If you are new to the financial world and confused as to how to plan financial strategy, then following the investment strategy of Matt Badiali is a good idea.

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