Neurocore Milestone in Modern Medicine

The brain is the most complex organ in a human body and studies have been done over the years to try and understand how it functions. It is made up of neurons which use chemical signals to regulate the electrical activities of the brain. The many neurons make it possible for one to process complex information, feel and think, in turn, this affects the behavior, emotion and perception of the individual. Scientists believe that these discoveries are just a tip of the ice burg cause the mind is full of mysteries that need to be uncovered. The use of modern techniques like EEG technology, neurofeedback and brain mapping has given scientist a better chance to understand how the brain works.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center was founded in 2004, and it utilizes the EEG, qEEG (brain mapping) and neurofeedback to improve the mental sharpness and health. It provides services to both adults and children and has eight brain performance centers open to the public in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore offer brain training programs that utilize neurofeedback with heart rate variability (HRV). The result is an enhanced mind and body, and a better mind-body connection. Different franchises have discovered the benefit of using neurofeedback, and they have incorporated it into their training routine. The best example is the Trail Blazers, an NBA team that partnered with Neurocore to install a brain room. The brain room has facilities that will aid in improving players brain functioning and sharpness. Furthermore, it will also help them better manage their endovascular and respiratory systems leading to stress reduction and relaxation.

Neurocore also uses Neurotherapy (neurofeedback) to treat various mental disorders like ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and ASD which are common especially in the US. Detecting electrical measurement of the brain using EEQ, and obtaining results using qEEG, has enabled Neurocore to measure the brainwave. By measuring the brainwave, a technique has been developed to teach the brain to self-regulate it activities and eliminate or reduce the undesirable ones. A mental disorder like depression affects about 10.3 million adults in the US according to the recent research. Clinical depression is the worst kind since its episodes last longer. It can be treated successfully or reduce the duration of the episodes using neurofeedback technology. The neurofeedback treatment yields better results compared to the use of antidepressant medicines. Click here