Lincolnshire Management Press Release

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm founded in 1986 by Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. Thirty-three years later, through 85 acquisitions it has investments in several industries and manages $1.7b which includes Lincolnshire Equity fund IV of about $835 million with investors’ commitments. The firm has majored on middle- market companies. Its main product is leveraged buyouts. Read the firm’s history here

By the end of last year, Lincolnshire Management made a sale of one of its major partnership that is Holley Performance products. Holley is a strong brand in the automotive industry which works in manufacturing, branding and marketing services. It is the big mind behind some of the biggest brands like Hooker, Superchips, Edge to name a few.

Holley has a mission to increase the value and excitement to car enthusiasts and enhance their passion for the automotive field. It has acquired expertise in knowledge and practicality when it comes to car branding and its culture for about 100 years since its inception.

The firm partnered with Holley in 2013 and had worked together as management in the strategic product branding and development until last year when they exited the control. The C.E.O of Lincolnshire management applauded the brand put forward by Holley due to its competitive nature, strength and the active management that enabled his company to acquire a platform to increase their investments and product development strategies. See more about Holley’s foundation in this article.

The C.E.O of Holley performance products also commended the partnership his company had with Lincolnshire saying the team, for the last five years has shown great ability to master the products, their consumers as well as the products and fully carry out the business in depth thus enhancing growth and competitiveness in the industry.

The sale of Holey Performance products by Lincolnshire management was a clear exit with the control congratulating the Holley team for the quality opportunity to have a fruitful partnership and grow their experience in product branding, design as well as marketing.

In the five years of working together, these partners depicted tremendous work revolving complex technological adaptability and market sizing for the sake of unique customer preference when it comes to the world of automotive.

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