Keep Children Safe From Sexual Abusers with Tips from Jeff Herman

It is vital that parents are aware of what they’re children are involved in with the state of the world today. What can parents do to keep children safe from off and online predators? Nationally recognized as an attorney and for advocacy of sex crime survivors, Jeff Herman gives advice for speaking to children about recognizing the signs of abuse, predators and sex crimes.

Discussing Predators and Sex Crimes with Children

The vulnerability of children makes them an ideal target for predators, a sexually abused naive child might not even realize they’ve been abused or may feel guilt that they allowed it. This mentality causes other issues, we can’t protect them every minute of the day but we can help them to protect themselves. It is vital that there be open communication so they can have boundaries that are healthy when it comes to their bodies. The following steps are what Jeff Herman recommends when talking to children about the dangers of sexual predators and sex crimes.

Age Appropriate

Start when your children are young discussing their bodies and boundaries using vocabulary and language appropriate to their age. Jeff says, children need to know which parts of their bodies are not to be seen or touched by others. They will learn what is inappropriate and have a way to talk to you if something happens to them.

Saying NO is Fine

Children of all ages should understand that when someone makes them uncomfortable they can say “no” and that no one has the right to touch them. They should not be made to feel uncomfortable.

Examples Should Be Used

It is important that your children understand that even people who claim to be friends would harm them. Emphasize that family members, clergy, teachers, friends, etc. do not have the right to touch them or make them uncomfortable in any way.

Keep Talking

It is not merely a onetime conversation. The talk you have with your child about sex has to be continuous. The prevention of abuse means that lines of communication stay open. You have to be involved, you can use situation that you come across every day to ensure they are aware of the risk of being abused and that they should could boundaries.

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