Jose Hawilla One of Brazil’s Most Succesful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a dream that many people have but few people actually succeed. Owning your own business takes a special skill set that requires patience, motivation, the ability to adapt to change quickly, and the ability to make decisions in a timely manner.


Having patience is a prerequisite for owning a small business. There will be times when business isn’t going so well and your ability to ride those ups and downs while continuing to execute your business plan can be the difference between success and failure. A successful entrepreneur must also have the proper motivation, such as family and personal satisfaction.


Many an entrepreneur have been motivated solely by money which will fade in the times when them money isn’t coming in. Adapting to change is vital as well. There will be times when the marketplace changes due things such as technology, and your ability to adapt will be important for continued success. You can visit estadao for more details.



Last but certainly not least, a successful entrepreneur must be able to make decisions quickly and stick to them. They must also not be afraid to fail, as there will be failures in every business venture. Being able to move on from those bad decisions and quickly change course is a key feature one must have. Check out



One such entrepreneur that has all of these qualities is Brazilian business mogul Jose Hawilla. Jose was born in the San Paulo region of Brazil in 1943Hawilla is the owner and CEO of the Traffic Group, one of Brazil’s largest sports marketing firms. A huge sports fan as a young child, Jose became a sports writer early in life.


Jose Hawilla started the Traffic Group in 1980 and began working closely with a number of soccer teams and players. To date, his clients are some of South America’s most successful sports teams and athletes. The company has exclusive television rights to a number of soccer matches in North and South America as well as Europe. They have offices in South America, Miami, Portugal, and the Netherlands.


Jose Hawilla was born in the San Paulo region of Brazil in 1943



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