Igor Cornelsen Professional Investment Advisor and Consultant

With so many investment advisors available for hire today, it has become difficult to understand whom to trust with your money. Experience and past track record are the key indicators that help in deciding which investment advisor is worth trusting with your money. Igor Cornelsen is one of the top financial and investment advisors in this regard. He has not only helped people manage their money but also provided them with guidance that enabled them to achieve their wealth creation goals. For most of his life, Igor Cornelsen has been associated with the world of investment banking, and he has worked with some leading private banks in Brazil, including Unibanco and Multibanco.

Igor Cornelsen has also been an advisor to many global corporations in their endeavor to start operations in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen knows how Brazil’s economy and business operates in and out, and it is this knowledge that he shares with the corporations that are expanding into his country. There are many social and cultural as well as financial aspects that need to be addressed locally before developing into new territory. Igor Cornelsen helps the foreign companies to get acclimatized with Brazil’s economy.

Igor Cornelsen has shifted his base to the United States, where he resides along with his family in New Jersey. He also heads an investment consultancy firm named Bainbridge Investments Inc. In the last few years, the company has helped many individuals to achieve their financial and wealth creation goals. The people who are looking to craft a personalized economic strategy for themselves must consult with Igor Cornelsen. He would help you assess your financial situation in-depth and also provide you with a plan that is aligned with your income, expenses and future financial goals. Igor Cornelsen continues to guide and help people with his experience and knowledge.