Guilherme Paulus Investment Strategy

For the last four decades, one man has revolutionized the Brazilian investment economy. From the CVC as a tourism company to now GJP Hotels and Resorts, Guilherme Paulus is always in a race to outdo himself. He has been fortunate enough to make an impact not only in Latin America but also in Europe though well-structured tourism interests.As an investor, Guilherme Paulus has invested in many parts of the Brazilian economy. He has interests in the hospitality industry, tourism sector and previously had interests in aviation- Airline Webjet. In all these areas, Paulus has been exceptionally good at making non-performing companies profitable again.The magical secret according to him is the leadership ability to be patient and flexible enough to allow new and progressive policies.

He is a firm believer of adaptation and change in the corporate world.Guilherme Paulus believes that as a businessperson and a role model to millions of people around the world, he has a responsibility to give back. True to his belief, he is one of the most active philanthropists in Latin America. In the last two decades, Paulus has invested in medical camps, education, and Brazilian social structures. Apart from giving to charity, he is also a firm believer in mentorship. Thousands of young people in Brazil are fortunate to be trained through his initiative tourism and hospitality. The young people who have been through the initiatives, Guilherme Paulus has sponsored are in gainful employment and entrepreneurship.

Technology is, according to him the most exciting development. He points that technology is the best business tool as a businessperson to bypass geographical barrier in doing business. To him, the ability to have business interests in different countries without necessary travel is the best aspect of doing business in this era. Through technology, Guilherme Paulus believes that you can make a better business decision based on the customers’ responses. The access to these views from the customers has made him make not only relevant choices but also customized approaches.Through his Facebook page, it is clear that he is passionate about Latin American tourism and ways to boost the sector.