Gareth Henry: Giving Back To College Students With a Unique Type of Bursary

The decision to pursue a college education is an amazing choice that opens the doors to many different life experiences and career options. An unfortunate aspect of post-secondary education is the expense no matter which college or university is selected. That is why many bursaries, or scholarships, are made available for students to apply for as a way to aid in funding their education. A typical scholarship recipient only receives funds toward their tuition and books. Gareth Henry is breaking the mold by doing more than just paying for scholarships he is taking a hands-on approach.

The bursaries will be awarded to financially needy students studying mathematics or statistics at Heriot-Watt University. Gareth Henry is an alma-mater of this prestigious university that places an educational focus on research. The lucky students that are selected for the bursaries will be getting priceless advice from their benefactor in multiple forms. First, they will be granted three personal phone calls per school year with the internationally successful investor. Additionally, he plans to coach and mentor these students. When the individuals finish their undergraduate education Mr. Gareth Henry will provide career advice and job hunting tips that could prove essential to finding a solid career after graduation.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science, Gareth Henry went on to live in New York. He has worked as the head of global investor relations in several notable firms such as Fortress Investment Group and Angelo, Gordon & Co. As an alumnus of Heriot-Watt University, Gareth Henry has always been quick to sing their praises. They are one of a very small selection of post-secondary schools that offer a degree in actuary science. The exceptional teaching in maths and statistics prepares graduates for an actuary career or work in the financial sector. Heriot-Watt has a long history dating back to 1821 and has built a positive reputation across the globe.

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