Drew Madden and the Growth of The Healthcare Industry

There was a time when people were expected to only live for less than 50 years. This was back in the turn of the early twentieth century. Fortunately, the healthcare industry has grown and taken care of a lot of issues that have reduced the life of individuals. One thing that has been noticed at the time is that an infection was a bigger killer for people than battle when it was a time of war. This was a time when hospitals were only non-profit organizations that got their funds from religious organizations. However, today tells a different story with a gigantic healthcare industry.

Even though healthcare has improved a lot over the years, there are still some issues in the system. Fortunately, people like Drew Madden are hard at work in bringing forth the needed changes. One thing he is helping with is bringing forth something known as healthcare information technology. One thing this does is store, analyze and share healthcare information about patients. This can help people come up with the right treatments for diseases that can bring the patient back to health. This also helps with the development of even better treatments for the patient.

Drew Madden is very passionate about healthcare. This helps bring forth greater solutions such as technology that analyzes the health and the life of each patient. He also has a website and a blog in which he talks about the state of the healthcare industry and other related topics. His insights and credentials make him someone who is very trustworthy. Another interesting thing about Drew Madden is that he is an entrepreneur, he is able to be of great help in the healthcare industry. One of the ways he helps the healthcare industry is by providing them with the technology they need to improve their treatments.