Doe Deere – The Immigrant Success

Doe Deere is one of the most notable entrepreneurs, and what makes it interesting is she is an immigrant to start with. Doe Deere is the owner of one of the hottest and trendiest make up lines available online and available on one of the largest make-up retailers, Ulta – Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an established make-up brand that is well loved by its market, especially women.

Doe Deere is an immigrant, and Doe Deere isn’t her real name either. Doe Deere’s real name is Xenia Vorotova, and she is already 37 years old. Doe Deere is originally from Russia, and she is both fluent in both English and the Russian language. Her venture to the industry started when she was inspired by magazines in her hometown, and then she convinced her mom for them to move to the United States when she was only 17 years old. Their first few months were a bit hard and difficult, and they only managed to barely get by. Doe Deere’s mom was a successful accountant in Russia, but it really took some time before her papers were processed and recognized in the United States. Now, Doe Deere resides in a two-story house in Los Angeles, California – and she is now also happily married to Mark Dumbleton, who also helped her build her brand – Lime Crime. And now they have been happily together for 20 years.

In the face of society’s plead for sustainability, anti- animal cruelty and responsible production – Lime Crime’s brand and business values really does shine through. Lime Crime is absolutely vegan, which means they do not employ or use animals for animal testing (which is a very controversial issue), nor do they use animal parts. Lime Crime’s definitely a brand that is environmentally responsible – and with this they got their PETA Certification and they are also certified by the Leaping Bunny Program.

Even beyond her success, Doe Deere is a feminist. Doe Deere wants women to experience the success that she has achieved. Doe Deere has also put to heart that she wants to inspire all women, that they too can achieve great success.