Doe Deere: of the Innovative Makeup Line Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a fearless female boss and entrepreneur, who’s company Lime Crime specializes in creating great cosmetic/beauty and hair products. In her recent interview with the UK’s Stylist magazine, she talks about what it’s like to be a part of what she called the “entrepreneur-ship game,” how Lime Crime is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free company, and even offers advice to new and aspiring young women who want to start their own makeup line. As for starting in the beauty business, she shares how passion really helps you grow in your company and brand, and that is what has helped her succeed as the Lime Crime founder. She also smartly shares how starting your own beauty business can be tricky, as the beauty scene is quite “crowded” already and trying to stand out in it can be difficult. But– Deere states that keeping an eye out for things that you always wanted but never could buy from other brands, is how she started her business and how an aspiring beauty businesswoman or man should go about doing so. Deere credits her team for helping her in the business as well.

Deere states that what started this whole unicorn and whimsical colors phase for the makeup industry is what she refers to as the “age of self-expression.” Deere, with her very eye-catching red hair color and who also choose bold makeup looks feels that standing out can be a great thing and even beneficial in this day and age, especially if you are in the makeup world. Deere states that with the major rise in popularity of makeup palettes, her company’s focuses more on a specific look, rather than just throwing random shades of color into a makeup palette. For example, she states that the original Lime Crime Venus palette was all about looking more grungy, while the new Venus makeup palette is more focused on purple and lavender shades.

Deere suggests that for women who would like to incorporate more color into their daily makeup looks, they should start from home. For example, like if you want to wear a purple eyeshadow look with a bold red lip and still feel sort of unsure of wearing it in public, just simply trying it on in the home once in a while and getting more comfortable in it, will help anyone feel more confident when they choose to wear it while outside. Deere also wisely states that for makeup and beauty products, packaging is almost just as important as the product inside. The reason being, that it communicates the value of the makeup product that will be inside once opened. Deere states that if the package on the outside is sloppy or not reflective of the wonderful product on the inside, then the product may receive a lot less attention then it deserves. Deere states that the unique names for her Lime Crime makeup products, are a result of the “brainstorming” that she does with her team to try and come up with cool names, like “Bunny” hair dye, or even the Unicorn palette.


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