Doe Deere of Lime Crime Talks About Leading A Brand That’s Vegan Friendly

In April, 2018, Doe Deere sat with the online publication Stylist. She discussed what is was like leading a vegan brand and being fearless. The first thing Doe Deere was asked was what makes a cult product or brand. She responded by saying it was all about being unique, which is what the word “cult” meant to her. She said Lime Crime has been providing something to the market that nobody else is and their goal has always been to standout of a very crowded market.


The Importance Of Having A Vegan And Cruelty-Free Brand

Doe Deere said it was important to her that Lime Crime is a cruelty-free, as well as vegan-friendly, brand. Doe Deere is strongly against things such as testing on animals, so Lime Crime being vegan friendly and cruelty free reflects how she personally feels. Furthermore, Doe Deere and her company takes part in a lot of charity work that involves animals.


Making Mistakes And Overcoming Them

She discussed being in business when she was asked if she had ever made mistakes and if she did, then how did she overcome them. Deere said making mistakes is part of being an entrepreneur and the best thing to do is learn from mistakes and then grow from them. She said Lime Crime had experienced a lot of turbulence in the past, but they came out on top and today they are a better company. It’s all about learning from one’s mistakes.


Beauty Trends To Look Out For

Deere said the beauty trend to look out for is Pantone because that is the color of the year. She said Pantone is ultraviolet and is the ultimate color of this year. She also said her company will be exploring other shades of purple, which includes one of their latest Eye-shadow Palette, which is called Venus III.


Advice To Young Women Wanting To Run Their Own Beauty Company

Her advice was to find gaps that are in the marketplace. Once they find the gaps, then they can figure out a way to fill them. She pointed out that it’s a good idea to think about how to innovate things. She added that women should take think about the things they really like and what they would like to see on the market. Learn more:


Once they figure these things out, then they should word hard to make things happen. This was her main piece of advice to women looking to launch their own company.