Daniel Taub Appreciates Being Able To Remain An Orthodox Jew While Being The Ambassador To Britain

When Daniel Taub met the Queen of England, he arrived in a suit but also wore his kippah. This signified the fact that while he was born in Britain, he will always be an Orthodox Jew. When the Queen asked him how he felt about representing the Jewish Nation, he replied that he felt privileged to raise his kids in their historic homeland but that he also is happy to be working to bring together England and Israel. And bring them together he has. In fact, history will most likely show that he has been the best Israeli envoy in a long time.


Daniel Taub has remarked that Britain is a very important country in the eyes of Israel and that it plays a huge role in the economy of the world. As the Middle East continues to experience turbulence and countries like Iran as well as organizations like ISIS continue to oppose Israel, it becomes important to support initiatives or causes that make it easier for his country. Mr. Taub believes there is cause for positivity, though, because of happenings like peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, which have proved to stand the test of time. Cooperation with these nations, as well as others, stands to benefit everyone concerned; especially because of their geographical locations.


Relations with other countries, such as, the United States and Britain are just as important, according to Daniel Taub; especially as the U.S. supplies Israel with a lot of the most recent, cutting edge technology. As far as British relations are concerned, he finds it very important that the Labour Party’s in, both, Israel and Britain come together and realize how much in common they have. Along with this, the relations between Israel and Palestine is extremely important, and Mr. Taub has talked in length about how terrorists negatively effect both countries.


Daniel Taub has also addressed antisemitism and how many Jews have been affected by it even in Europe, and he recognizes how important his role has been as an ambassador to the Court of St. James. He talks often about how proud he is of his own community and how his wife and himself have integrated into it. He appreciates the conversations he has with a spread of people on a daily basis and loves the British people for how open they are and for how much they listen. He has greatly appreciated being able to be an orthodox Jew living in Europe, and he hopes relations between Israel and Britain continue to improve.