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Clay Hutson And His Journey Into The Music Industry

Success doesn’t come over night, it comes from years and years of dedication. In an extremely competitive industry, such as the music business, only the truly devoted can come out on top. Clay Hutson, a sound engineer, knows this first hand. The start of Clay Hutson’s career began with him attending college in the area […]

The Chainsmokers Like to Surprise People

Formed in 2012 when member Alex Pall needed a partner for his two-person DJ band, Pall and fellow DJ Andrew Taggart comprise the Chainsmokers. A DJ/production duo, the two were introduced by mutual friend Adam Alpert. Alpert knew the two would be a good fit, and he was right. Pall and Taggart had an easy, […]

Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Band Discusses His Music And Personal Style

In an interview that Alex Pall, one half of the music duo known as The Chainsmokers, gave to Interview Magazine in the summer of 2016, he talked about his early years as a DJ in the New York City area, revealing that he started out just doing it as a hobby, then later managed to […]