Big Money 20: End Citizens United

Political campaign contributions have a history of influencing members of Congress. While throughout the history of the United States there have been large-scale efforts to eliminate the possibility of corruption several years ago a Supreme Court decision was made that has raised significant controversy ever since. The Supreme Court case was known as Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. In the Citizens United versus Federal election commission case, Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals in the United States of America. This has allowed a surplus of financial contributions which have no way to be traced and no one to be held accountable to.

As a result of this decision billionaires and corporations with deep pockets have gained ever increasing power and influence in the arena of politics that is present in our nation. While public outrage has reached the peak, there has been little that has been done to reverse this decision. This is changing however as one political action committee has organized itself to be one of the most extensive grassroots campaigns in politics that has ever been seen.

End Citizens United is one of the most significant political action committees currently found in North America. Their stated goal is to help reform the system of campaign finance and politics that is now being implemented. They were initially founded in 2015 just several years after the Supreme Court decision that ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals. Since this initial founding date, the political action committee has managed to raise over $25 million in the first election cycle. They have used this money in order to help elect members to Congress who are going to aid in their efforts to reform campaign-finance policies. In 2018 during the midterm election cycles End Citizens United has stated that their goal is to raise an additional $35 million in order to help pro-Reformation candidates.

The second mission statement for the organization is to eliminate a group of people from Congress that are currently serving the will of large corporations medical donors. These members of Congress are referred to as the big money 20. These individuals have been known to support policies that benefit large corporations and the economic elite while at the same time being detrimental towards the majority of their constituents. By supporting candidates for running against these politicians End Citizens United help increase the pace of campaign-finance reform.