A Complete Analysis of Vijay Eswaran’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Vijay Eswaran is a senior executive of QI Group, a giant multinational direct marketing e-commerce company. Besides entrepreneurship, Mr. Eswaran mentors young entrepreneurs, and he supports the less fortunate.

How did Eswaran advance from a fresh economics graduate to a renowned entrepreneur? Following is a complete depiction of his entrepreneurial journey.

When did Vijay Eswaran commence his entrepreneurial journey?

Eswaran began his entrepreneurial journey in 1998. He established a multilevel marketing company that gave birth to the present day QI Group. In less than two decades, Mr. Eswaran has navigated QI to the industry’s top position.

It serves thousands of telecommunications, cooperative investments, media, and training companies from more than 30 countries around the world.

What challenges did Vijay Eswaran face while starting his career?

In line with an interview posted on entrepreneur.com, Mr. Eswaran lacked an experienced person to guide him through the competitive business industry. His friends believed that his venture would fail.

Moreover, Eswaran started his first venture when Asia was experiencing a severe economic crisis. It was challenging to develop a young business during that time.

How did Vijay Eswaran overcome the challenges?

Despite the lack of support and the harsh economic challenges, Mr. Eswaran believed that his business idea would yield the expected outcome. The self-belief enabled him to focus on his goals.

After some time, he found like-minded partners who helped him to grow the venture to the present day successful company.

What are Eswaran’s plans?

During the interview hosted by entrepreneur.com, Vijay Eswaran confided that his company was looking to establish QI City, a complex that will have a residential block, a park, hostel, shopping center, and a teaching hospital.

Besides QI City, Mr. Eswaran was looking to establish a pollution free green campus. The campus will use solar lighting, and students will use electric vehicles while commuting around the school.