4 Popular Sunday Riley Products

Sunday Riley is an innovative makeup company that continues to stay on the rise. The owner of the same name started Sunday Riley back in 2009 and has remained dedicated to creating a brand that will fill the gap in green technology in cosmetics. The four Sunday Riley products listed below are quite popular and make sense of the company’s credibility and growing popularity.

Sunday Riley’s Eye Contour Cream

This auto correct brightening and eye contour cream is the perfect product to use for depuffing and brightening dark spots. This product contributes to Riley’s mission of botanical yet science-based cosmetics by remaining free of any harmful chemicals. Some ingredients include watermelon rind extract, Cocoa butter, and sodium PCA.

U.F.O Face Oil

Sunday Riley‘s U.F.O Ultra Clarifying Face Oil contributes to the companies innovative popularity by appropriately using retinoids and transforming salicylic acid (which usually to dries out the face) into a safe ingredient that contributes to this product exceptional and timely absorption.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley’s Sleeping Night oil is similar to the U.F.O Face Oil due to both products containing retinoids. However, just like U.F.O Face Oil the Luna Sleep Night oil does not cause flaky red skin due to the retinoids being properly balanced. Not only does this product balance science-based ingredients like retinoids with botanicals but it is also suitable for most skin types. It’s no wonder this product is popular due to the fact that it is meant for anyone with, sensitive, oily, combination and dry skin.

Cerramic Slip Cleanser

Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser has been reformulated and improved to work even better! This newly improved product features botanicals such as bentonite, rice, French green clay, and olive oil esters. These robust ingredients contribute to this product’s ability to provide results of balanced hydration and gentle deep cleaning. Follow Sunday Riley on Instagram now.

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