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Lincolnshire Management Press Release

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm founded in 1986 by Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. Thirty-three years later, through 85 acquisitions it has investments in several industries and manages $1.7b which includes Lincolnshire Equity fund IV of about $835 million with investors’ commitments. The firm has majored on middle- market companies. Its main product […]

“Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia Leds in Raising of $42 Million For Supporting Women Health “

Marc Beer is currently solving women pelvic disorder through his newly found Renovia Inc. This is a medical technology company that is currently focused on solving women’s medical issues, which are said to have been neglected by a huge number of experts and other individuals working in the medical fraternity. According to Marc Beer, urinary […]

Stansberry Research Gives Out The Financial Advice That Everyone Needs

In 1999, Stansberry Research was created to be an investment research firm. It was independently owned, and the owner started working as an editor for the company. And, the company today is known for its publishing and the newsletter that it sends out. It gives financial advice to those who need it, including sharing research […]

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum: Specialist in Orthopaedics and Diverse Experience

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a medical doctor and the chairman of orthopedics at Bronxcare where he focuses on bonds, joints and the replacements surgeries of the knee, hip and shoulder. He has had multiple experiences in different fields from IT, to business management, to re-engineering processes, to non-profitable leaderships among others. He is also known […]

Herbalife Nutrition Growth in 2019 Continues to Rise As Management Increases Consumer Focus

  Herbalife Nutrition has a robust and strong portfolio for its products. The company has been able to bring a wide array of products to consumers which include weight management, nutrition, energy, sports, and fitness. There have been great expansion efforts on those products to retain existing customers while also bringing in new ones, which […]

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What we need to know about Dick DeVos

For Dick DeVos, aviation is something that comes naturally to him, although many don’t realize how much of a role it has played in his life. He became a pilot when he was young, and he co-founded a pilot training school on the grounds of his hometown airport, Gerald R. Ford International. In addition, he […]

Organo Gold Created Opportunities to Build Wealth

Organo Gold is a network marketing company that is providing opportunities to internet business owners, bloggers, and influencers. One of Organo Gold’s goal is to help individuals create wealth and provide financial freedom by providing their independent distributors with products such as beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products to sell. When doing business with Organo […]

How Nicolas Krafft Uses a Results-Oriented Model at L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft is the global vice president for L’Oreal, a company that has majored in private equity business. L’Oreal has been in operation for quite a while. All through, they have managed to serve different clients who have expressed satisfaction in their services. Any good business thrives on testimonials and referrals by their customer base. […]