Get Customer Feedback From Securus Customers

When you’re a part of any business, having customer support can build your trust. Your feedback can help others decide if they’re interested in registering for services. Actual users of the Securus Technologies network share their experience with other users and take part in the services which are integrated with their features.

Rick A. Smith says, he trains his IT professionals in not only telecommunications safety, but also effectively communicating with their customers. Their customers are a priority and never left trying to navigate their new or existing account alone. Their friendly team of professionals are there to assist you 24 hours a day.


Enjoy popular features from Securus which are preferred over other big name competitors. Their rates can be compared to other provides $2 to $1. It has been easy for them to establish many services from other competitor networks like Global Tel-Link. For example, their remote visitation feature continues to be popular for allowing their patrons to visit their love ones in a facility with a clear video and premium sound capabilities. Get the best of becoming a part of the leading inmate calling provider family by joining the superior Securus Technologies network today.


Daniel Taub Appreciates Being Able To Remain An Orthodox Jew While Being The Ambassador To Britain

When Daniel Taub met the Queen of England, he arrived in a suit but also wore his kippah. This signified the fact that while he was born in Britain, he will always be an Orthodox Jew. When the Queen asked him how he felt about representing the Jewish Nation, he replied that he felt privileged to raise his kids in their historic homeland but that he also is happy to be working to bring together England and Israel. And bring them together he has. In fact, history will most likely show that he has been the best Israeli envoy in a long time.


Daniel Taub has remarked that Britain is a very important country in the eyes of Israel and that it plays a huge role in the economy of the world. As the Middle East continues to experience turbulence and countries like Iran as well as organizations like ISIS continue to oppose Israel, it becomes important to support initiatives or causes that make it easier for his country. Mr. Taub believes there is cause for positivity, though, because of happenings like peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, which have proved to stand the test of time. Cooperation with these nations, as well as others, stands to benefit everyone concerned; especially because of their geographical locations.


Relations with other countries, such as, the United States and Britain are just as important, according to Daniel Taub; especially as the U.S. supplies Israel with a lot of the most recent, cutting edge technology. As far as British relations are concerned, he finds it very important that the Labour Party’s in, both, Israel and Britain come together and realize how much in common they have. Along with this, the relations between Israel and Palestine is extremely important, and Mr. Taub has talked in length about how terrorists negatively effect both countries.


Daniel Taub has also addressed antisemitism and how many Jews have been affected by it even in Europe, and he recognizes how important his role has been as an ambassador to the Court of St. James. He talks often about how proud he is of his own community and how his wife and himself have integrated into it. He appreciates the conversations he has with a spread of people on a daily basis and loves the British people for how open they are and for how much they listen. He has greatly appreciated being able to be an orthodox Jew living in Europe, and he hopes relations between Israel and Britain continue to improve.

Jeremy Goldstein presents the knockout option strategy

Jeremy Goldstein has become New York’s premiere corporate lawyer. He is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, where he is also partner. His firm focuses on corporate governance and executive compensation. Before starting his own firm, he previously worked at a major law firm in New York.


Companies across the country who need legal advice on issues related to compensation of employees, turn to Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein has 15 years experience involving business law. Goldstein has dealt with some of the top companies in the country like Chevron, Verizon, Merck and Bank One. Jeremy Goldstein serves on the board of several organizations including the nonprofit Fountain House.


Both big and small companies have begun to eliminate stock options from employee benefit packages. Some companies do it to save money and others have been persuaded because of several issues dealing with stock options.


  1. The sudden drop on in stock value makes it near impossible for employees to sell their options. Shareholders are then faced with possible “option overhang.”


  1. Company staff don’t trust this type of benefit. They are able to understand that the economy can impact the stock market, making their stock become worthless. When their stock options become worthless, it just becomes a free play type of benefit, as opposed to employees receiving cash awards. Learn more:


  1. Stock options are a major burden for employees. This kind of trading can result in the costs outweighing any financial gains made. Some employees say they would rather receive higher salaries over options.


Despite critics and complaints, there are definitely some advantages to stock options. First, employees can easily understand options. Employees are motivated to work harder because the stock value is tied to the company’s success.


While knockout options dont solve all the problems. It has been able to solve some of the major issues dealing with stock-based compensation. Jeremy Goldstein recommends companies speak with auditors about the effect of options on their staff. Some high paid executives prefer stock options because each employee receives the same value of compensation. Also, employees personal earning are only increased when the corporate shares are increased.


Companies that are considering offering knockout options to staff, may want to wait a year after the current options expire before offering replacement options. If the company decides not to wait for a certain period of time, the options can cause the company’s quarterly statement to look bad.

DAMAC Group Chairperson, CEO, and Founder Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is an experienced property developer with origins in Emirati. Sajwani is the founder at DAMAC Properties where he now serve as the chair person. DAMAC Properties is widely known as a real estate development company. Sajwani’s close relationship with President Trump has earned him a title as, The Donald Trump of Dubai. He was recently listed by Forbes as one of the top 10 Arabic billionaires.


Hussain was born in 1952 and later accumulated his fortune in property development. For the record, Sajwani has a real-time net worth valued at $5 billion. Hussain was fully sponsored by Chinese government to pursue his academics in the United States of America. While in the US Hussain majored his bachelor of studies in economics and industrial engineering.


Early in his career, the DAMAC owner worked with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the finance department. In 1983, he moved to Global Logistics Service, a catering venture.


Hussain Sajwani first established DAMAC Properties in 2002. The company has undergone tremendous growth and is now the leading property developer across Middle Eastern. DAMAC Properties has successfully constructed more than 19,000 apartments and is now developing 44,000 others. Paramount Hotels and resorts, Tiger Woods, and Luxury Villas are among the luxurious properties developed by DAMAC Properties. Learn more:


In 2013, Trump entered into a partnership with DAMAC Properties in developing two golf courses now branded after his name. Sajwani and Trump have collaborated in several other businesses involving DAMAC properties and Trump Organization.


The Hussain Sajwani family lives in Dubai. Together with his wife, Sajwani is actively involved in several charitable organizations. For instance he gave a 2 million AED cheque in aid to help in clothing more than 50,000 needy children across the world. DAMAC Properties also partnered with other humanitarian organizations such as Emirates Red Crescent.


DAMAC Properties is among the companies that are widely recognized for high-end private projects. The company’s presence in Dubai, Middle East is overwhelming and leaves a lot desired. Besides its array of philanthropy, DAMAC regularly finance the Dubai government to improve the living standards of its citizens. Since 2011, DAMAC has concentrated in becoming the leading developer and operator in global Hotel Apartment. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein Offers a Stock Solution for Corporations

Many corporations have traditionally offered stock options to employees as part of a benefits package. However, this trend has drastically slowed down due to financial concerns and other more complicated reasons. Corporate law expert Jeremy Goldstein recently discussed the pros and cons behind stock options, in addition to some practical solutions for corporations.


Goldstein explains that stock options are tied to a market that can change rapidly and decrease the value of stocks. Businesses are still required to report the expense of stock options, and some employees may have a sense of wariness when recognizing the risk involved. Stock options also create much more work for the accounting department of a corporation, and the expenses could simply be used for higher base pay.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, there is a simple solution to find a middle ground. He recommends using knockout stock options for the benefits packages of employees, as it allows each individual to hold stocks as long as they remain above a certain value threshold. The specific stock options give employees increased incentive to keep the value high, and offer less complications to earnings disclosures and other accounting reports.


Jeremy Goldstein is an acting partner at the law firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. Goldstein’s firm primarily handles special litigation related to compensation of corporate executives and management of companies during transitional periods. Goldstein has been a part of major transactions involving corporate acquisitions or mergers. He has years of experience in high-profile litigation prior to creating his own law firm, becoming recognized as a prominent figure in corporate law.


Goldstein received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University. He also earned a Master’s degree after attending the University of Chicago and ultimately graduated from New York University with his J.D. degree. Jeremy Goldstein regularly speaks at corporate events and contributes his writings to numerous publications on the subjects of executive compensation and corporate governance.


Visit to learn more.

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Louis Chenevert’s Career Achievements

When talking about career accomplishments about Louis Chenevert, one cannot fail to outline what he achieved at UTC. Louis Chenevert has been at the top leadership of United Technologies Corporation, and also a 14-year early career stint as the General Manager at St. Therese Production Unit. Chenevert’s journey in his career is nothing short of success owing to his determination in making UTC a force to reckon with.

Professional Journey

Chenevert started spent 14 years as the General Manager at St. Therese Production Unit. He later went to join the Pratt & Whitney business unit which is owned by the United Technologies Corporation. His six-year stay and Pratt & Whitney led to his election as the division’s president in 1999. He spent seven years in this position and later became United Technologies Corporation CEO. He is credited with an impressive achievement that totaled up to $100 billion within a year. He was instrument during the acquisition of Goodrich, a deal which cost $18.4 billion. This happened after a year’s worth of negotiations with Goodrich Leadership.

His leadership style includes investing not only in technology but in people. His commitment was to ensure that he left UTC better than he found it. Chenevert believes that investing in the right technology will take the company to greater heights, but investing in the right people will improve the company even better. Under his leadership, UTC nurtures its employees through Employee Scholar Program that encourages them to pursue further education in diverse fields. Chenevert managed to make Pratt & Whitney an effective sole supplier of the F-35 engine to the US government. He also managed to make UTC’s Sirkosky on of the largest helicopter manufacturers in the United States.

About Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a French-Canadian businessman who has served as the chairman and chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation. He sit at the Executive Committee of the Business Roundtable. Chenevert is the Chairman of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, The Business Council and is also involved with the US-India Forum.

Chenevert attended the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales (HEC) where he graduated with a bachelor of commerce in production management. He is founding director and chairman of the Board of Directors for the Friend of HEC Montreal.

The Passionate Doctor Avi Weisfogel

Doctor Avi Weisfogel has contributed immensely in the health sector by using dentistry, an area he has specialized in to treat Apnea. Apnea is a condition where an individual develops difficulties in breathing while sleeping. The pauses usually last up to one minute and an individual might choke up while awake to recover from the condition. This occurs when the individual starts breathing again.

The condition should be treated because it causes an individual to have mood swings while awake and the condition also denies one a good sleep. Most people suffer from apnea but the condition is rampant among overweight people. The excessive tissues of fat in their bodies hinder the free circulation of air causing this condition among them.

Individuals who suffer from apnea are advised to seek medical condition to treat the disease.Doctor Weisfogel has been able to treat the condition using dentistry. The doctor was dedicated in each and every activity he interacted in.Doctor Avi studied biology and Psychology from the prestigious Rutgers University. Weisfogel received his DDS from NYU.

The doctor has faced many challenges as a result of the mission of helping patients who have suffered from this disorder. Other physicians have been reluctant in performing sleep tests on patients with the above condition. The individual physicians who did the tests were biased in their results.

According to doctor Avi’s plan, he was required to travel worldwide so that he could come up with a solution facing the predicament. A new strategy had to be built to come up with an efficient way of addressing the disease.Doctor Avi was successful in founding the unlimited sleep patients in the year 2012.

The platform was really helpful as dentists and sleep experts came together to share their experiences concerning the disorder. The doctor also utilized the platform to hold lectures with stakeholders on the different models that entailed dentistry and general medicine as a discipline.

Plans and methods of getting rid of the disease were employed by the doctor. Dr. Weisfogel launched the dental sleep master’s program which had the purpose of making appliances that could be of need for individuals suffering from the disorder. Therapy that was applied orally was used in the process.

Waiakea Water Announces First Ever Fully Degradable Water Bottle

It took them five long years and over 1,200 experiments, but the end result was worth it to Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. For the first time ever, the world’s first fully degradable water bottle has come into existence. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water announced that by this time next year they will go to market with a fully degradable bottle.

Waiakea Water has been generating rumblings throughout the bottled water industry since its founding. While more and more bottled water brands fill the shelves of grocery stores (all with various claims of being degradable or eco-friendly), it seems as if the only true eco-conscious choice was no bottled water at all. Waiakea has decided to change all that and not go to market until it had a truly environmentally friendly product.

Waiakea has worked diligently to reduce their packaging’s lifespan by an incredible 98%. The bottle will be 100% recyclable. For founder, Ryan Emmons, the key was to approach the construction of the bottle at a new angle. While many water bottles claim to be degradable, they actually take around 1,500 years to fully degrade. Waiakea’s new bottles will take just 15 years and will be the first to utilize TimePlast, which isn’t a plastic at all.

Waiakea Water is volcanic water that comes from a pure source that is naturally alkaline. It has a pH range that falls between 7.8 and 8.8. Those numbers are incredible for balancing the body’s alkaline levels. Research has found that drinking water with alkaline additives should be avoided, which is what makes Waiakea so special, along with the natural addition of minerals. It is sourced from a single volcanic source in Hawaii and is a fully sustainable and renewable resource. Basically, this is bottled water unlike any we have seen before.

In addition to the purity and the eco-consciousness of Waiakea, the company was founded with a commitment to making a positive footprint globally. While the company donates liters of clean water for each one sold (totaling 500 million to date), they have also built over 3,000 “Elephant Pumps” in areas that don’t have regular access to clean water. Waiakea has given access to clean water to over 1.35 million people that otherwise would not have had what they consider to be a luxury.

Securus Technologies Provides The Answers to the End of the Issue

Securus Technologies provides communications services to inmates and their families in over 2,200 correctional institutions as well as communications for another 1,200 law enforcement agencies and safety organizations all over North America. Securus currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and their families.


Over the past 40 years there have been many studies conducted that have pointed out that prisoners who have regular contact with meaningful people have a better time of it when they are released from prison. They are much less likely to be re-arrested and are more likely to get a job and settle down due to their exposure to a “normal” lifestyle as they communicate with family on the outside of prison.


Phone services such as pay in advance, regular monthly pay, reverse charges, and inmate pay is choices that the inmates and their families can choose from. They can also utilize inmate voicemail, email, and a money transfer feature. The video conferencing feature is a very popular facet of the program that both inmates and families love. It enables them to visit while being able to have visual contact with each other. It is just like being together and it saves the family travel time and inconvenience.


Securus also has enterprise communications systems for law enforcement and safety organizations that help communities and cities acquire, store, and distribute critical information in time to make available to all necessary parties in times of emergency for the overall safety of the public. Securus is a very reliable company to install, instruct, and maintain these systems for the benefit of everyone involved.


The use of the Securus Technology communications in all phases makes it easier for inmates, correctional employees, and family members to stay in touch with each other as often as is needed. The life of an incarcerated person is more meaningful as they have something to look forward to when they are released.


Innovative Contributions of Kate Hudson to the Success of Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a co-founder of Fabletics, together with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The three were keen in identifying a market gap in active-wear. The market was particularly limited and had no specialized designs available. Another major challenge was inaccessibility of pricing and lack of personalized active-wears. For this reason, Kate, Adam, and Don joined their creativity and creative skills in 2013 and later established Fabletics brand.


The company has since enjoyed an enormous share in sales of the active-wear market. Fabletics now uses reviews that are cloud sourced to extend their competence and gain customer trust in return. Through various personalized recommendations, the company has successfully managed to meet its goal through marketing strategies that include review-centric approach.


Fabletics brand has expanded in its scope of operation and now enjoys over one million active members with a revenue of $250 million. According to Shawn Gold, a corporate marketing officer at Techstyle, Fabletics has succeeded through personalized reviews. As a result, the company has fostered a high customer retention and loyalty in its bid to grow beyond its current geographical setup.


Technology is now key in the lives of the consumers especially when it comes to the decision-making process. Consumers carry out intensive research characterized by massive comparison in product prices, reviews, and unique features. Reviews are particularly important in business because they enhance customer trust, frequency in product use, and habitual purchases. Reviews, when earned genuinely with authentication, greatly contribute to higher search engine rankings thus attracting more client base.


Kate Hudson is a pioneer at Fabletic, according to Gregg Throgmartin, a president in the company, Kate is an approachable person and leads an active lifestyle. Kate has contributed significantly to the success at Fabletics through budget reviews, social media strategy reviews. Further, she has continually been resourceful in designing processes and working with other team members in the view of the outlined goals.


According to Kate Hudson, the huge success attained at Fabletics in athleisure retailing in less than four-year is uniquely associated with good branding practice. Regardless of the age, size and ability, Kate has continually promoted the look and feel of active-wears in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.


Fabletics have proved resourceful in availing athleisure apparel purposely for the gym and other active undertakings. Finally, Fabletics is centrally based in technology and innovation backed with a good track of customer preferences.

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