Doe Deere: of the Innovative Makeup Line Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a fearless female boss and entrepreneur, who’s company Lime Crime specializes in creating great cosmetic/beauty and hair products. In her recent interview with the UK’s Stylist magazine, she talks about what it’s like to be a part of what she called the “entrepreneur-ship game,” how Lime Crime is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free company, and even offers advice to new and aspiring young women who want to start their own makeup line. As for starting in the beauty business, she shares how passion really helps you grow in your company and brand, and that is what has helped her succeed as the Lime Crime founder. She also smartly shares how starting your own beauty business can be tricky, as the beauty scene is quite “crowded” already and trying to stand out in it can be difficult. But– Deere states that keeping an eye out for things that you always wanted but never could buy from other brands, is how she started her business and how an aspiring beauty businesswoman or man should go about doing so. Deere credits her team for helping her in the business as well.

Deere states that what started this whole unicorn and whimsical colors phase for the makeup industry is what she refers to as the “age of self-expression.” Deere, with her very eye-catching red hair color and who also choose bold makeup looks feels that standing out can be a great thing and even beneficial in this day and age, especially if you are in the makeup world. Deere states that with the major rise in popularity of makeup palettes, her company’s focuses more on a specific look, rather than just throwing random shades of color into a makeup palette. For example, she states that the original Lime Crime Venus palette was all about looking more grungy, while the new Venus makeup palette is more focused on purple and lavender shades.

Deere suggests that for women who would like to incorporate more color into their daily makeup looks, they should start from home. For example, like if you want to wear a purple eyeshadow look with a bold red lip and still feel sort of unsure of wearing it in public, just simply trying it on in the home once in a while and getting more comfortable in it, will help anyone feel more confident when they choose to wear it while outside. Deere also wisely states that for makeup and beauty products, packaging is almost just as important as the product inside. The reason being, that it communicates the value of the makeup product that will be inside once opened. Deere states that if the package on the outside is sloppy or not reflective of the wonderful product on the inside, then the product may receive a lot less attention then it deserves. Deere states that the unique names for her Lime Crime makeup products, are a result of the “brainstorming” that she does with her team to try and come up with cool names, like “Bunny” hair dye, or even the Unicorn palette.


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Sightsavers & How To Effectively Treat Trachoma

Trachomais one of the most disheartening diseases on earth today, and it has been this way for quite some time. This painful irritation of the eye effect millions of people on a global scale, but the nation of Ghana sits at the pinnacle. Underprivileged communities that have a lack of proper sanitation tends to accumulate higher amounts of trachoma cases. In addition to that, children and women are more at risk, especially when being compared to men. One of the best efforts to fight this painful disease comes from Sightsavers. This philanthropic organization has a long history of providing medical assistance around the globe.

Sightsavers has a team of extraordinary clinicians, and these clinicians have been thoroughly trained in a wide variety of eye-health issues. The organization also partners with many outside contributors. These outside contributors has provided funding, has provided medications and has provided support throughout the decades. As of 2018,trachoma has been totally eliminated from the Ghanaian landscape. That’s right! This infectious disease has been progressively wiped-out. As validated by the World Health Organization, Ghana is 100 percent-free of this debilitating disease. This is bigtime news since more than 2.8 million people of the region was reported to having trachoma. Sightsavers’ mission has come full-circle to a degree. The organization has been entrenched in Ghana for the past 18 years. Trachoma can definitely cause blindness if left untreated, but the disease is totally treatable if it’s caught in time.

This United Kingdom-based organization has branches all across the world in Sweden, in Italy, in Norway and in India. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive-thinking organization than this. Sightsavers’ name is the very definition of what it truly stands for and that’s a guaranteed fact.

The Medical Emergency Expert, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a former graduate from university of Louisville where he pursued a degree in medicine. He has been to medical practice for six to ten years before he fully qualified to be among twenty six medical experts in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. He gained recommendable experience in Emergency medical expert. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has accepted several insurance covers including Aetna and many more due to his medical dream;

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is able to communicate in Spanish and English in order to ensure larger geographical coverage. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is greatly contributing in electronic health care whereby on need not to get outside the house in order to know his or her medical status. Being an expert in emergency medical field Eric deals with patients mostly with acute or abnormal illness that needs special attention and a quick one in order to safe life. Dr. Eric also deals with injuries especially accidental ones. Emergency medical care especially works to ensure that the patient is stable after they have diagnosed him or her. The medical attention of emergency experts ends once the victim has been stabilized and is able to be transferred to intensive care unit other patient are entitled to critical care unit where are put under critical care experts.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has undergone all procedures of qualifying to be in emergency medical team where he completed his undergraduate degree and joined a medical school after. He joined residency emergency medicine as required which covered duration of six to ten years according to him whereby he was able to gain experience in emergency medicine. As required by law, emergency physicians are required to have acceptable medical license which Dr. Eric has secured .Dr. Eric has board certificate to show that he is greatly qualified doctor who has current skills and techniques needed in medical field. Doctor Eric Forsthoefel is associated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital association with twenty nine doctors.

The Wild Stuff that “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Does

The actor Sean Penn recently released his debut novel. The novel is the peculiarly and aptly titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. The book is something that is filled with satirical commentary on modern political and social issues. The way it is presented is off kilter. You’ll have to read this one slowly to really grasp it all. The book uses ranting, poetry, and descriptive words rarely used in typical books. You’ll need to read it with a dictionary app on hand to keep on top of what some of the words mean. The book is deliberately written in a way that leaves you on edge with what it’s saying and how it is phrased. Maybe the point is that society of today makes people on edge and confused sometimes by what things mean, so the book is worded this way to throw people off balance as a mirror to it all.


Originally Penn wrote this book as a much shorter audio book that he narrated. He decided to revisit the concept and add more of the current sociopolitical climate into it in a humorously disturbing manner. The book references the president. Penn stated in an interview with Marc Maron that he started to really worry about the country during the 2016 presidential election. There are references to El Chapo as well within the book. Penn based the character Fletcher on the drug lord. The main character though of the book is clearly from the title Bob Honey. Bob Honey is an antisocial divorced man. He works for the government as a part time assassin. Bob Honey lives in a dystopian world. Penn throws a lot of conspiracy theories around in the text. The book deals with various issues in a satirical way. The #MeToo movement, violence, gun violence, mental health crisis, environment issues, internet rights, and disaster relief. Bob Honey does and says a lot of wild stuff in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.

Dick and Betsy DeVos: promoters of change in and outside of Michigan

Dick and Betsy DeVos are Michigan born philanthropists and political activists. Not only have they helped transform the city of Grand Rapids, they have helped enact policy changes in health services and the education system in and outside of Michigan. Dick DeVos is heir to the Amway Corporation co-founded by his father. Also an heir to a family fortune, Betsy DeVos has fought for education reform across the United States, which ultimately led to her appointment as the U.S. Secretary of Education under the Trump administration.


Dick and Betsy have helped drive the development of their home town of Grand Rapids, transforming the skyline and making it a destination for tourists. In 1991, Dick began his endeavor to revitalize Grand Rapids by lobbying against the construction of a new sports arena and convention center in the downtown area. Recalling the detrimental effect that the Pontiac Silverdome had on Detroit, DeVos contacted business owners to join his lobbying efforts.


Eventually, Dick and the team of business owners formed the Grand Action group. Grand Action drove the construction of many iconic Grand Rapids buildings, like the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, and Michigan State University’s medical school. These buildings have transformed the Grand Rapids skyline.


Dick and Betsy DeVos make regular donations to the GOP and are well known philanthropists, supporting the arts, health services, and education reform. In 2006, the couple donated $12.5 million to aid in the construction of a Grand Rapids children’s hospital. The hospital has helped local families in the Grand Rapids area to receive quality healthcare without traveling to distant hospitals in Chicago or Ann Arbor.


Dick and Betsy have focused much of their time and energy on education reform. Their primary aim has been to provide the same educational opportunities to all children, regardless of family income. In 2000, the DeVos sponsored and promoted a constitutional amendment that would offer education vouchers to families in Michigan, which would have allowed children from low income households to attend private schools.


Though the amendment was voted down, Dick and Betsy were committed to promoting education reform and focused their attention outside of Michigan. With the help of their efforts, twenty-four states and Washington D.C. now offer educational vouchers to allow children from low income areas to attend private schools.


Proponents of charter school systems, Dick and Betsy founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This charter school, located at the Grand Rapids airport, supports students from all over Michigan, some of whom commute long distances to attend the school. The school teaches students about aviation, allowing them to begin down a path toward becoming pilots. It features classes in engineering, computer science, and robotics, but also offers traditional classes in math, literature, and foreign languages.


Dick and Betsy DeVos’s efforts have transformed the city of Grand Rapids and led to education system reform in and outside of Michigan. They continue to promote education reform across the United States.


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The Reign of Lori Senecal As the CEO at CP&B

Lori Senecal, the CP&B CEO is expected to step down from this role at MDC Partners Company. She is also likely to quit the ad or advertising business.


Crispin Porter & Bogusky is a well-integrated, full services agency that is 24/7 working, clutch-saving, hard-charging, and on-timing, pop-culture changing, overnight FedExing as well as marketing fanatic. In their experience of 26 years in this venture, they have grown across the borders and reached a lot of clients around the globe.


Recently, the company operates as a global agency with over ten subsidiaries in different parts of the world including London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Sao Paulo, Miami, and Boulder and Beijing.


The company specialises in producing brands which are outstanding and aimed at changing the lifestyles of different clients. The company takes pride in creating work that has a significant impact on the pop-culture as well as in the digital marketing industry. Check out



Some Information about the Great Lori Senecal


Lori Senecal has been known because of her robust personality and experience in the marketing and advertising industry. She can be termed as a pioneer in the development of innovative advertising technologies. Lori has specialised in the innovative technology solutions for years now making her solve a lot of digital marketing challenges within the industry.


It is because of her credibility and experience in the venture that she was appointed as the Global CEO of CP & B after serving the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal as the Executive chairman. The known thing about Senecal is that she never wants to stay in a comfort zone. This element has been a significant contribution to her present success in this venture. You can visit



While working with the KBS, Lori managed to expand the global vision of the firm. Her outstanding work ethnic contributed a lot to the rapid growth of KBS. Being the last born in the family, she was made to set the bar for the elder sisters and give them some hope.


Lori Senecal owns a degree from the McGill University. She is also prominent for her contribution to the Coca-Cola Company along with Xbox Company in developing successful campaigns.



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Doe Deere of Lime Crime Talks About Leading A Brand That’s Vegan Friendly

In April, 2018, Doe Deere sat with the online publication Stylist. She discussed what is was like leading a vegan brand and being fearless. The first thing Doe Deere was asked was what makes a cult product or brand. She responded by saying it was all about being unique, which is what the word “cult” meant to her. She said Lime Crime has been providing something to the market that nobody else is and their goal has always been to standout of a very crowded market.


The Importance Of Having A Vegan And Cruelty-Free Brand

Doe Deere said it was important to her that Lime Crime is a cruelty-free, as well as vegan-friendly, brand. Doe Deere is strongly against things such as testing on animals, so Lime Crime being vegan friendly and cruelty free reflects how she personally feels. Furthermore, Doe Deere and her company takes part in a lot of charity work that involves animals.


Making Mistakes And Overcoming Them

She discussed being in business when she was asked if she had ever made mistakes and if she did, then how did she overcome them. Deere said making mistakes is part of being an entrepreneur and the best thing to do is learn from mistakes and then grow from them. She said Lime Crime had experienced a lot of turbulence in the past, but they came out on top and today they are a better company. It’s all about learning from one’s mistakes.


Beauty Trends To Look Out For

Deere said the beauty trend to look out for is Pantone because that is the color of the year. She said Pantone is ultraviolet and is the ultimate color of this year. She also said her company will be exploring other shades of purple, which includes one of their latest Eye-shadow Palette, which is called Venus III.


Advice To Young Women Wanting To Run Their Own Beauty Company

Her advice was to find gaps that are in the marketplace. Once they find the gaps, then they can figure out a way to fill them. She pointed out that it’s a good idea to think about how to innovate things. She added that women should take think about the things they really like and what they would like to see on the market. Learn more:


Once they figure these things out, then they should word hard to make things happen. This was her main piece of advice to women looking to launch their own company.


The Ultimate in Pain Relief: Heal N Soothe Supplement

To get straight to the matters at hand, Heal N Soothe is one of the finest pain relief products on the market today. This article is written with the health consumer in mind. Understanding bodily pain can be difficult in most cases because it depends on what is actually causing the pain. Sprains, strains, contusions, fractures and other issues will undoubtedly cause pain to some degree. The body’s natural response is to provide fluids to the injured area, which creates swelling. Time is the best solution for healing, but there are alternatives that will drastically speed-up the healing process.

This is why Heal N Soothe is so important as it flushes your entire system with beneficial enzymes. These enzymes manifest from the natural ingredients, and they’ll create a buffer-zone of defense. Heal N Soothe’s proprietary blend is composed of Boswellia Extract, Rutin, Papain, Ginger Extract, Bromelain, Turmeric Extract, Devil’s Claw, Citrus Bioflavonoids and Mojave Yucca Root. Once these ingredients get into your system, great things can be expected. Systemic-enzyme therapy is the result from each does of this extraordinary supplement. By neutralizing the bio-chemicals that are present in the body, inflammation will be reduced and pain will be decreased. These powerful herbs have been used in various countries around the globe for years and years. Heal N Soothe is a dietary supplement that is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals. Individuals can take one capsule for three times a day, or the individuals can take three capsules at night on an empty stomach. The choice is simply yours, but you can adjust the dosages to where they coincide with your personal schedule.

Over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical-grade medications can be very dangerous, especially with consistent use. If you become addicted to pharmaceuticals, you’re now playing a game of Russian roulette. Many of these types of drugs are laced with opium, which is a highly addictive and dangerous ingredient. Heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding and blood clotting are common issues when dealing with pharmaceutical drugs because they’re so potent. This is why going in an organic direction is a much more safer route and Heal N Soothe is the product of choice.

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The Truth About Vinod Gupta’s Humble Beginnings Leading to Extraordinary Business Success

Since 2015, the listings of higher education has been formed by the Government of India through the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The National Institutional Ranking Framework newly published its annual listings of organizations of higher learning in India.

The Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) at IIT Kharagpur has remained as seventh place total in the Management School division of the listings. Also in this placement, VGSoM earned its largest aggregate in the graduation results criterion (76.82 out of 100). While judging this number, the conclusions were established by position, university examinations, entrepreneurship, average wages, finishing students accepted into prime colleges and the amount of Ph.D. pupils that certified into their profession. Many of the placing universities have a concentrated field of research,

Compliments to VGSoM and IIT Kharagpur on winning this very distinguished listing and recognition!

VGSoM was the prime university established in the administration field inside the IIT industry in 1993. Mr. Vinod Gupta, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, and career member anticipated a system that would equip its learners with both a high-tech and administration experience during their time there. The institution grants various plans for its pupils and others hold numerous workshops, Management Development Programs (MDPs), and seminars for undergraduates and staff. Following more than two decades ever since its commencement, the academy has developed harmoniously, honoring multiple awards, and chartering distinct standards for extended superiority.

In 1962, after earning his high school teaching in a village institution, Vinod was admitted into I.I.T., Kharagpur, certifying in agricultural manufacturing. In 1962, he obtained his B.Tech. graduation.

In 1969, after accepting his engineering diploma, Vinod contributed an additional two years at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and In 1971, received his Master’s degree in Business Management.

Keep Children Safe From Sexual Abusers with Tips from Jeff Herman

It is vital that parents are aware of what they’re children are involved in with the state of the world today. What can parents do to keep children safe from off and online predators? Nationally recognized as an attorney and for advocacy of sex crime survivors, Jeff Herman gives advice for speaking to children about recognizing the signs of abuse, predators and sex crimes.

Discussing Predators and Sex Crimes with Children

The vulnerability of children makes them an ideal target for predators, a sexually abused naive child might not even realize they’ve been abused or may feel guilt that they allowed it. This mentality causes other issues, we can’t protect them every minute of the day but we can help them to protect themselves. It is vital that there be open communication so they can have boundaries that are healthy when it comes to their bodies. The following steps are what Jeff Herman recommends when talking to children about the dangers of sexual predators and sex crimes.

Age Appropriate

Start when your children are young discussing their bodies and boundaries using vocabulary and language appropriate to their age. Jeff says, children need to know which parts of their bodies are not to be seen or touched by others. They will learn what is inappropriate and have a way to talk to you if something happens to them.

Saying NO is Fine

Children of all ages should understand that when someone makes them uncomfortable they can say “no” and that no one has the right to touch them. They should not be made to feel uncomfortable.

Examples Should Be Used

It is important that your children understand that even people who claim to be friends would harm them. Emphasize that family members, clergy, teachers, friends, etc. do not have the right to touch them or make them uncomfortable in any way.

Keep Talking

It is not merely a onetime conversation. The talk you have with your child about sex has to be continuous. The prevention of abuse means that lines of communication stay open. You have to be involved, you can use situation that you come across every day to ensure they are aware of the risk of being abused and that they should could boundaries.

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