The Ultimate in Pain Relief: Heal N Soothe Supplement

To get straight to the matters at hand, Heal N Soothe is one of the finest pain relief products on the market today. This article is written with the health consumer in mind. Understanding bodily pain can be difficult in most cases because it depends on what is actually causing the pain. Sprains, strains, contusions, fractures and other issues will undoubtedly cause pain to some degree. The body’s natural response is to provide fluids to the injured area, which creates swelling. Time is the best solution for healing, but there are alternatives that will drastically speed-up the healing process.

This is why Heal N Soothe is so important as it flushes your entire system with beneficial enzymes. These enzymes manifest from the natural ingredients, and they’ll create a buffer-zone of defense. Heal N Soothe’s proprietary blend is composed of Boswellia Extract, Rutin, Papain, Ginger Extract, Bromelain, Turmeric Extract, Devil’s Claw, Citrus Bioflavonoids and Mojave Yucca Root. Once these ingredients get into your system, great things can be expected. Systemic-enzyme therapy is the result from each does of this extraordinary supplement. By neutralizing the bio-chemicals that are present in the body, inflammation will be reduced and pain will be decreased. These powerful herbs have been used in various countries around the globe for years and years. Heal N Soothe is a dietary supplement that is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals. Individuals can take one capsule for three times a day, or the individuals can take three capsules at night on an empty stomach. The choice is simply yours, but you can adjust the dosages to where they coincide with your personal schedule.

Over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical-grade medications can be very dangerous, especially with consistent use. If you become addicted to pharmaceuticals, you’re now playing a game of Russian roulette. Many of these types of drugs are laced with opium, which is a highly addictive and dangerous ingredient. Heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding and blood clotting are common issues when dealing with pharmaceutical drugs because they’re so potent. This is why going in an organic direction is a much more safer route and Heal N Soothe is the product of choice.

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The Truth About Vinod Gupta’s Humble Beginnings Leading to Extraordinary Business Success

Since 2015, the listings of higher education has been formed by the Government of India through the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The National Institutional Ranking Framework newly published its annual listings of organizations of higher learning in India.

The Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) at IIT Kharagpur has remained as seventh place total in the Management School division of the listings. Also in this placement, VGSoM earned its largest aggregate in the graduation results criterion (76.82 out of 100). While judging this number, the conclusions were established by position, university examinations, entrepreneurship, average wages, finishing students accepted into prime colleges and the amount of Ph.D. pupils that certified into their profession. Many of the placing universities have a concentrated field of research,

Compliments to VGSoM and IIT Kharagpur on winning this very distinguished listing and recognition!

VGSoM was the prime university established in the administration field inside the IIT industry in 1993. Mr. Vinod Gupta, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, and career member anticipated a system that would equip its learners with both a high-tech and administration experience during their time there. The institution grants various plans for its pupils and others hold numerous workshops, Management Development Programs (MDPs), and seminars for undergraduates and staff. Following more than two decades ever since its commencement, the academy has developed harmoniously, honoring multiple awards, and chartering distinct standards for extended superiority.

In 1962, after earning his high school teaching in a village institution, Vinod was admitted into I.I.T., Kharagpur, certifying in agricultural manufacturing. In 1962, he obtained his B.Tech. graduation.

In 1969, after accepting his engineering diploma, Vinod contributed an additional two years at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and In 1971, received his Master’s degree in Business Management.

Keep Children Safe From Sexual Abusers with Tips from Jeff Herman

It is vital that parents are aware of what they’re children are involved in with the state of the world today. What can parents do to keep children safe from off and online predators? Nationally recognized as an attorney and for advocacy of sex crime survivors, Jeff Herman gives advice for speaking to children about recognizing the signs of abuse, predators and sex crimes.

Discussing Predators and Sex Crimes with Children

The vulnerability of children makes them an ideal target for predators, a sexually abused naive child might not even realize they’ve been abused or may feel guilt that they allowed it. This mentality causes other issues, we can’t protect them every minute of the day but we can help them to protect themselves. It is vital that there be open communication so they can have boundaries that are healthy when it comes to their bodies. The following steps are what Jeff Herman recommends when talking to children about the dangers of sexual predators and sex crimes.

Age Appropriate

Start when your children are young discussing their bodies and boundaries using vocabulary and language appropriate to their age. Jeff says, children need to know which parts of their bodies are not to be seen or touched by others. They will learn what is inappropriate and have a way to talk to you if something happens to them.

Saying NO is Fine

Children of all ages should understand that when someone makes them uncomfortable they can say “no” and that no one has the right to touch them. They should not be made to feel uncomfortable.

Examples Should Be Used

It is important that your children understand that even people who claim to be friends would harm them. Emphasize that family members, clergy, teachers, friends, etc. do not have the right to touch them or make them uncomfortable in any way.

Keep Talking

It is not merely a onetime conversation. The talk you have with your child about sex has to be continuous. The prevention of abuse means that lines of communication stay open. You have to be involved, you can use situation that you come across every day to ensure they are aware of the risk of being abused and that they should could boundaries.

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Dr. Saad Saad, MD a doctor located in Eatontown, New Jersey, specializes in thoracic and pediatric surgery. He is linked to numerous hospitals in the United State among them being the Medical Centre of Monmouth and University of Jersey Shore medical centre. Dr. Saad has practiced medicine and surgery for over 32 years since when he received his degree from University of Cairo College of Medicine.

For the years he has been in the medicine and surgery field, Dr. Saad has been on the lookout for developing new and modern methods and measures that can be applied in treating his patients through a less painful way. With success he has invented two devices that can be used in surgery and in addition numerous surgical procedures that are aimed at making the surgeons work easier with relieving stress to the patient.

One of his inventions that he and other surgeons have used in many operations is a device that is used to advance the use of an endoscope in surgeries. An endoscope is a device that is used in surgeries and examinations to view and observe the inside of a human body. The nature of a human body is that it constantly produces liquids that circulate in all body parts. When using an endoscope, at times it gets clogged by the liquids and thus needs constant adjustment for the doctor to have a clear view of what he/she is observing. The device invented by Dr. Saad is used as a suction irrigation device. The device sucks away the liquid that causes the clogging of the endoscope giving the doctor a clear view.

Besides the endoscopy device, Dr. Saad has invented another device that is used to locate a catheter in a patient’s body. Catheter tubes are used to aid surgical procedures and even treat some medical conditions by being inserted in the body. Depending on catheter type, these instruments are used in draining fluids and gases, accessing surgical instruments among other uses. Doctors need to perform an MRI scan or X-ray in order to locate a catheter in the body. When a body is frequently exposed to the X-rays it becomes more vulnerable to sickness due to the radiations hence doctors try to avoid these process at all cost. Although MRI procedure causes no harm to the patients, its machines are so large for portability making it an unachievable option. Learn more:

Dr Saad device, though not yet put into use because of it complicated procedures during manufacturing, locates the catheter using the electromagnetism principle. The device has no harm to the human body and also is a good fit for the doctors due to its size.

Jose Hawilla: Qualities That Can Help You To Become Successful In Business

Are you thinking about going into your own business? Want to know the secrets to success in business?


Jose Hawilla is a well recognized businessman and successful entrepreneur. Jose Hawilla has been in business for many decades and he is one of the most reputable entrepreneurs in Brazil.


To become an entrepreneurship you need to develop certain distinctive characteristics. If you want to achieve success in your business you need to become acquainted with these traits. Successful people don’t allow fear and doubt to get in their way.


Jose Hawilla is a highly successful entrepreneur and has built many businesses. Jose Hawilla has a positive mental attitude and views setbacks and obstacles as opportunity to learn. He believes that he can overcome any obstacle that he encounters and he never allows naysayers to discourage him from pursuing his goal.


Running a business or an investment venture is a challenging and creative way to chart your future. Apart from earning a great income, it’s about enjoying a better lifestyle. Becoming your own boss takes courage, determination, and foresight. Check out to know more.



Based in Brazil, Jose Hawilla is well respected by clients, business partners and associates. He has a unique approach to dealing with business matters and is well known around the world. Jose Hawilla is honesty and transparent in his dealings with associates and clients.


Fear of failure is one of the reasons that many people don’t venture into their own business or entrepreneurship. They fall by the wayside because they are afraid of what lies ahead. Successful entrepreneurs view setback as a positive experience




Jose Hawilla considers failure as a valuable lesson and seeks an alternative way to keep on track. He never loses sight of his ultimate goal. All entrepreneurs inevitably encounter obstacles or temporary failure along the road to success. When they experience a setback they admit their plan didn’t work and move forward quickly with a new plan.


If you truly want to overcome your obstacles and reach your goal, then learn how Jose Hawilla handles setbacks and you can be successful.



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Big Money 20: End Citizens United

Political campaign contributions have a history of influencing members of Congress. While throughout the history of the United States there have been large-scale efforts to eliminate the possibility of corruption several years ago a Supreme Court decision was made that has raised significant controversy ever since. The Supreme Court case was known as Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. In the Citizens United versus Federal election commission case, Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals in the United States of America. This has allowed a surplus of financial contributions which have no way to be traced and no one to be held accountable to.

As a result of this decision billionaires and corporations with deep pockets have gained ever increasing power and influence in the arena of politics that is present in our nation. While public outrage has reached the peak, there has been little that has been done to reverse this decision. This is changing however as one political action committee has organized itself to be one of the most extensive grassroots campaigns in politics that has ever been seen.

End Citizens United is one of the most significant political action committees currently found in North America. Their stated goal is to help reform the system of campaign finance and politics that is now being implemented. They were initially founded in 2015 just several years after the Supreme Court decision that ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals. Since this initial founding date, the political action committee has managed to raise over $25 million in the first election cycle. They have used this money in order to help elect members to Congress who are going to aid in their efforts to reform campaign-finance policies. In 2018 during the midterm election cycles End Citizens United has stated that their goal is to raise an additional $35 million in order to help pro-Reformation candidates.

The second mission statement for the organization is to eliminate a group of people from Congress that are currently serving the will of large corporations medical donors. These members of Congress are referred to as the big money 20. These individuals have been known to support policies that benefit large corporations and the economic elite while at the same time being detrimental towards the majority of their constituents. By supporting candidates for running against these politicians End Citizens United help increase the pace of campaign-finance reform.

US Money Reserve: Inflation 101

US Money Reserve is a modern company that has changed the mentality of many Americans concerning precious metals. The institution has been doing so well since it came into the markets many years ago. The leadership of this company has been playing an essential role in the success experienced by the company. People who choose to purchase tangible gold products from the company enjoy so many benefits. First of all, the gold is approved by the government, and it does not lose its value after some time. Philip Delhi is working as the head of the successful company, and he has done his best to ensure that Americans understand the value of investing in gold.


Not long ago, the US Money Reserve spoke to its customers about inflation and the kind of effects it has on the economy. According to the institution, inflation is a crucial aspect that should never be ignored by the people living in the country. Inflation will tell the citizens how the prices are changing and how they are affecting the economy. The interests in your savings account and the amount of money you are spending at the grocery store at the end of the day will be affected by the inflation in your country. At the moment, financial experts say that the inflation rate is at 2.1%, and it is already giving many people sleepless nights. The US Money Reserve believes that all customers should have the information required so that they can decide what is best for them.


According to the experts working at the US Money Reserve, learning how the inflation will affect your life is the best way to protect yourself from the numerous high costs of life challenges. It is surprising to learn that most people do not know what inflation means. According to financial experts, this term simply means the increase of prices for goods and services in a certain economy over a given time. The experts have many ways of measuring inflation. However, most countries use the consumer price index. Using the CPI, it is easy for the experts to track the items people are purchasing every day. This will range from bread to even movie tickets. These professionals will observe the changing prices and determine the amount of inflation taking place in the country.


When the CPI of a country has been said to be at three percent, people should understand that the prices of the products they are purchasing has gone up by at least three percent. Consumers should be prepared to spend three percent higher than what they were spending before things started changing. According to a report by the BBC, the inflation changes are checked after every twelve months. If you are keen enough, you will also notice that inflation has a role to play in all industries. For the ordinary consumer, it is paramount to learn the tricks to use so that you do not find yourself in the receiving end because of the investment decisions you made.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; Trail Of Landmark Successes

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed the president of Bradesco, he led the bank to the second largest one in Brazil. When he was elevated to the helm of the bank he was asked whether he intended to take the bank to the leadership position it had been chasing prior to its decline. Luiz responded with his characteristic tact that leadership was not his primary agenda. He noted that it was more important for the group to provide satisfactory service to the members and clients across the municipalities where it has a presence. Soon, after, he took over the leadership mantle, Mr. Trabuco decided to purchase HSBC; a move that catapulted the bank to a conspicuous leadership position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Brief History

He studied sociology and philosophy at different levels at Sao Paulo University. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in 1951 in a Brazilian city called Marilia. Mr. Trabuco joined the bank at the tender age of 17 years. He worked in various capacities including being the president of Bradesco Seguros prior to his appointment to the bank’s group helm in 2009. He was recognized and awarded the entrepreneur of the year prize in 2015, following the successful acquisition of HSBC by Bradesco. Trabuco is noted to have made the daring move that saw Bradesco spend $ 5.2 billion.


The Bold Moves That Lifted Bradesco’s Public Profile

Following the successful purchase of the Brazilian branch of HSBC, Bradesco gained the public confidence and leadership in a number of important indicators of success in financial institutions including the branch network across the region and the number of account holders. Mr. Trabuco had more up his sleeve. He introduced a different approach to dealing with customers and their queries. Mr. Trabuco insisted on a customer friendly approach in all the interactions between the bank’s staff and the clients. He embarked on a massive recruitment drive that saw the bank register a record number of accounts every day. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco notes in one of the interviews that after the acquisition of HSBC, Bradesco achieved what it would have taken them to do in six years. He was awarded the Insurance Personality of the Year in 2003. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has a lot of hope in the future of the insurance business. He observes that insurance makes an important component of social welfare efforts fronted by both the state and civil society organizations.

Trabuco’s Career Path

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the president of Bradesco Seguros from 2003 to 2009. He had a successful ran at Bradesco Seguros; which gave him the advantage over other candidates for the top position. It is observed that Bradesco Seguros contributes over 30% of Bradesco’s overall profits. He is noted for his focus on communication effectiveness. He established a positive relationship with the media; an aspect that helped to connect the general public with the business and operations of the bank. It is evident that the skills that Mr. Trabuco gained from his philosophy class at USP were put to the best use at Bradesco, but now, it has come a time for him to pave way for a new CEO and president; according to Bradesco’s succession calendar.

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Wireless Containment Technology Leads Securus Network

Securus Offers Competitive Rates & Quality Service


Securus Technologies has long since been the long standing inmate telecommunications provider that reigns in North America with a global partnership network. T ear team of professionals were able to answer to the strict guidelines mandated by the state Public Utility commission. They were able to create an advanced technological solutions to inmate calls that continues to lead the network. Securus offers affordable rates unmatched by competitor networks. You have the option of choosing from descriptive tab features listed on their website or through their customer support 800 number.


Securus Technologies Technologies Exclusive Team


Rick A. Pickens, professional business partner and Securus CEO. spoke candidly with Business Wire online about the anticipated Securus growth strategies. Their mission continues to be putting the needs of their customers first by offering personalized calling services for inmates and their families. Their CEO has made it possible for their customers to take part in their crime prevention feedback forum confidentially online or by phone. Securus finds it a priority to keep the general public safe by using their popular surveillance and monitoring technology. Securus has constructed an inmate calling platform that stands next to none.


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment


Wireless containment has saved the correctional facility mounds of paperwork and allowed them to focus on the safety and other functions of operating the facility. It stops the use of cellphones by inmates by remotely prohibiting the signal. Securus can set-up the technology and won’t have to add additional manpower to the facility. The technology will be remotely accessed.outside of the facility by Securus personnel. If you work for an institution, you will still be able to use your phone unless otherwise instructed by the facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Kiosk Access

Kiosk access in a correctional facility operates in the same manner as an outside machine. Inmates have access to their commissary account or funds 24 hours a day. They have the opportunity to use modern technology being used outside the facility. Inmates are issued a state is card to use this function.


Food Packaging Services

Get access to the top food brands in the industry with the Securus food packaging services feature. Family members and friends can send care packages and have them sent to a specific inmate and facility. Their packaging service feature is processed by the industry’s best food packaging specialist and isn’t available at every facility.


Go directly to the Securus website to learn more about their unique features. Thousands of customers have decided to make the switch and have chose their network 5 to 1 over other provider networks.


Jose Hawilla One of Brazil’s Most Succesful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a dream that many people have but few people actually succeed. Owning your own business takes a special skill set that requires patience, motivation, the ability to adapt to change quickly, and the ability to make decisions in a timely manner.


Having patience is a prerequisite for owning a small business. There will be times when business isn’t going so well and your ability to ride those ups and downs while continuing to execute your business plan can be the difference between success and failure. A successful entrepreneur must also have the proper motivation, such as family and personal satisfaction.


Many an entrepreneur have been motivated solely by money which will fade in the times when them money isn’t coming in. Adapting to change is vital as well. There will be times when the marketplace changes due things such as technology, and your ability to adapt will be important for continued success. You can visit estadao for more details.



Last but certainly not least, a successful entrepreneur must be able to make decisions quickly and stick to them. They must also not be afraid to fail, as there will be failures in every business venture. Being able to move on from those bad decisions and quickly change course is a key feature one must have. Check out



One such entrepreneur that has all of these qualities is Brazilian business mogul Jose Hawilla. Jose was born in the San Paulo region of Brazil in 1943Hawilla is the owner and CEO of the Traffic Group, one of Brazil’s largest sports marketing firms. A huge sports fan as a young child, Jose became a sports writer early in life.


Jose Hawilla started the Traffic Group in 1980 and began working closely with a number of soccer teams and players. To date, his clients are some of South America’s most successful sports teams and athletes. The company has exclusive television rights to a number of soccer matches in North and South America as well as Europe. They have offices in South America, Miami, Portugal, and the Netherlands.


Jose Hawilla was born in the San Paulo region of Brazil in 1943



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